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Emerging Artist Grant 21

How Long Does it Take to Write a Play


By Tatiana Baccari How Long Does It Take to Write a Play?   How long does it take to write a play? For some, they write a play in 24… Read More

A Petrified Forest


A Petrified Forest   The trunks and branches bare no leaves The trees still made sound The wicked wind from the West huffed and puffed The roots held tight to… Read More

The Opening


Emerging Artists Paint a Vivid Picture of the 2021 Emerging Artists Exhibition When I walked into the Creative Pinellas Gallery on Wednesday, July 14 for the opening of the 2021… Read More

From Solitude to Togetherness


Emerging Artists Paint a Vivid Picture of the 2021 Emerging Artists Exhibition Writing has always been a solitary pursuit for me. I’m an only child of much older parents and… Read More

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon or My Misadventures in Social Connecting And the Installation Blog #26


We were done with Blog #25, so I thought. But some things have happened since then that will complete Part 1 of my Emerging Artist journey. My story, my work… Read More

Emerging Artist Grant 22

Hank Rippert, My Dad


What can I say about my Dad? I could speak for hours and hours about him and about our relationship. I’ll do my best to give a deep glimpse into… Read More

Ricks and Rippert; A Friendship Steeped in Forever


Ricks & Rippert, a friendship steeped in forever… Kellie Ricks and I met in art school at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in 1989. Kellie’s roommate, Tracy, was in… Read More



When my words flood out onto the page, someone’s paint splatters across a canvas or melodic tunes drift by on a whisper of the wind only the musician can hear…… Read More

Semiotics For Fun And Profit


Trust me on this: next time there is a lull in the conversation, mention “Semiotics.” Be sure to use “juxtaposition,” “vernacular” and “context” peppered throughout the conversation. ‘POOF’ – you… Read More

Pareidolia…for now.


The last several years have robbed us of one of the most fundamental, beautiful and almost innate acts that we share as a community, that deepens the fabric of who… Read More

Emerging Artist Grant 23

Special gift


Image by Manfred Steger from Pixabay   Blog Post 12 – Agueda Zabisky   The Creative Pinellas Grant period is coming to an end. There is very little time left… Read More

Kate Cummins studio tour 2023


Read More

Studio Walkthrough with Amy Wolf


Take a stroll with me through my workspace as I prepare for the Creative Pinellas Emerging Artist exhibition, opening Thursday, May 4th!… Read More

studio tour

Agueda Zabisky’s ceramic sculpture studio tour


Blog Post 11 – Agueda Zabisky I put together a short video on my ceramic sculpture studio (#29) at The Clay Center St. Petersburg. It is a dynamic and inspirational… Read More

Getting out of my comfort zone


Blog Post 10 – Agueda Zabisky If we break down the phrase “stepping out of our comfort zone,” it means doing things that we don’t feel comfortable doing or pushing… Read More

Pinellas Recovers Grant 2022

Pinellas Recovers Grants


New Funding Opportunity for Pinellas Arts Organizations and Professional Artists.
Get ready to apply to Creative Pinellas’ Pinellas Recovers grants funded through the National Endowment for the Arts. 
Creative Pinellas is excited to announce applications for Pinellas Recovers grants will open online on February 1 at 3PM…. Read More

Professional Artist Grant 20

Back to Teaching


pc: Sorcha Augustine I have been teaching dance for 20+ years. When the pandemic happened, like many others, I took time to assess what I wanted for my life and… Read More

Beyond The Drama and Into The Symbolism


The symbols happen spontaneously but are edited with consideration. Many of the marks I make even in the form of numbers, letters, or words happen spontaneously. There is often an… Read More

Why Make Them So Big


Making Huge Paintings Is Exciting But The Challenges Are Just As Big An important component of my DARKMATTER exhibition are the four extra-large paintings. When guests walk in to the… Read More

Secret to Self-Tape Success


After a very active summer full of self-tape auditions and successful bookings (I booked a SAG film, but I’ll get to that in a future post), I figured I should… Read More

Professional Artist Grant 21

Do It Anyway


Well that went quickly. Already it’s time for the last blog post. The last 5 months have been packed with events both personal and professional. I’ve appreciated the opportunity to… Read More

Too Modest?


By Don Gialanella Too Modest? An anti–artist‘s statement for my last blog entry! Self deprecating and satirical, from the point of an artist with impostor syndrome. Donald was born on a dark… Read More

Blueprints for Better Words


Writing speculative fiction acquaints one with liminal spaces: where things come to be, areas of transition. Luckily that’s one of my favorite places to be.  Again I find myself in… Read More

My First Radio Interview


Good news. My first radio interview is coming up. The fine folks from Tuesday 8 O’Clock Buzz at WORT 89.9  in Madison, Wisconsin want to entertain the morning rush hour… Read More

Seeing Creativity in the People Around You


Looking Outward – Seeing Creativity in the People Around You One of the best things about teaching and coaching writers is witnessing that creative spark lighting up in others. I… Read More

Professional Artist Grant 22

Developing AQ&REE: Brother Fire, Sister Fly


The year of my fellowship is almost ending, if it hasn’t already. But the experience has been absolutely stellar for me. I delved deeper into incredible and impactful Tampa Bay… Read More

New York (Audition) State of Mind


September marks the beginning of the opera audition season! Let the singing begin! So, I’ve touched upon opera auditions briefly before in past blogs, but I figured I’d break down… Read More

Broadway Bound: Backstage with Blanche!


Broadway Bound was a MASSIVE success. Now that we finished our final show on Sunday (back-to-back performances, I might add), I’ve had time to relax and reflect on this amazing… Read More

That time I visited the National Museum of African American History & Culture…


Earlier this year, I had the privilege of visiting the National Museum of African American History & Culture and it was honestly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in… Read More

The Show Must…


Most of us will recognize the romanticized image of the tortured artist, suffering for their creative life. Artists have famously struggled with their mental health- Vincent van Gogh. Kurt Cobain…. Read More

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