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pc: Sorcha Augustine

I have been teaching dance for 20+ years. When the pandemic happened, like many others, I took time to assess what I wanted for my life and career. I decided to take a step away from teaching for a bit. I was teaching about 10 hours a week, which doesn’t sound like a lot but as a bit of an introvert, it was becoming hard for me to refuel and be the best teacher I could be. I love the art of dance and I love sharing it with others, but I felt I was just going through the motions; I wanted to make sure I was giving my best to my students. 

So after a two-year hiatus from teaching, I have gone back to it. I had really missed it! I have learned some things about myself as a teacher. I used to rely on the energy I was receiving from my students as to whether I was doing well at my job. I took it personally if I felt some students were not responding the way that I thought they should. I struggled with the students who weren’t as passionate about dance as I was. I have learned to let that go. I have also learned my limits on where I teach and how much. 

I am excited to now be teaching at the Patel Conservatory of the Straz Center in Tampa. It is an amazing opportunity to work with pre-professional ballet students. They are very dedicated and excited to learn. I am also teaching community classes in St. Petersburg through Project Alchemy. I love teaching the adults in these community classes. It is so much fun to teach an all-levels contemporary class. They are eager to learn and we have a blast. 

These moments of rest and reflection are so important for advancement as an artist and as a person. Looking forward, I am excited about my next steps toward growth. 

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