The Show Is Over

The Art show at Creative Pinellas is over. The paintings I created for the show are down and neatly packed into my small studio. Now I’m pondering the question, “Where do I go from here?”

I feel like I’ve accomplished a milestone. It’s funny, at my age to be considered an emerging artist. Perhaps I should consider that my work will always be emerging from my soul, my inner being. This is all I know how to do. 

I’ve been painting for over thirty years. I can’t call it a career although it feels like one since I do not support myself through my art. But do I. I believe everything I do day after day influences what I paint. My brain is recording my activities constantly. These images, colors, shapes, and feelings begin to surface as I lay down the paint. My mood at the time affects the whole process. 

Recently I completed a painting, “The Yellow Brick Road,” for the “Psychedelic” members show at the Morean Art Center. On Yupo, a plastic-like paper, I randomly applied the primary colors of acrylic paint. I covered the wet paint with plastic, letting the paint do its thing till it dried. It’s like putting plastic on plastic. All kinds of wonderful shapes emerge, flowers, trees, birds, snakes, and the unknown. I cut them out and glued them to the canvas I prepared with the road. The project was fun. The Yellow Brick Road.

I’ll continue to make art, enter shows, teach classes, look at art, listen to music, read books, enjoy nature, and all the different activities I do to stimulate my senses. 

This is my life. 

This show was made possible by the dedicated staff of Creative Pinellas. I am grateful for Barbara St. Clair, CEO, Creative Pinellas

Charlene Harrison, Grants, and Business Manager

Beth Gelman, Senior Director of Arts and Cultural Programming

Freddie Hughes, Gallery, and Facilities Manager

Shanna DiNobile, Marketing, and Martech Assistant

These people work tirelessly to bring to Pinellas County the finest in the Arts.


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