Embracing Growth: My Journey as an Emerging Artist in 2023

As I reflect on my journey as an emerging artist in 2023, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of excitement and gratitude upon receiving the prestigious grant. This opportunity opened doors to new possibilities, allowing me to connect with my mentor, Carrie Jadus, and engage in in-depth art conversations that have profoundly influenced my artistic direction and career prospects. Throughout this transformative experience, I have learned to embrace challenges, find confidence in my abilities, and push the boundaries of my artistic expression.

Getting to Know My Mentor:

Working with Carrie Jadus has been an enriching experience. Her expertise and passion for art have inspired me to delve deeper into my own creative process. We engaged in insightful discussions about various aspects of art, from technique and composition to ways of representing myself as an artist. Her professional insights proved pivotal in shaping the direction of my current body of work, providing me with valuable guidance that I will carry with me on my artistic journey.

The Proud Creation of a Series:

One of the highlights of this journey was the creation of seven art pieces for the Emerging Artist show. At first, I was apprehensive about whether I would have enough time to complete the series, but with the unwavering love and support from my loved ones and friends, I found the strength within myself to embrace the challenge and dive headfirst into the creative process. This support was instrumental in boosting my confidence, empowering me to create a series that I am truly proud of.

Embracing Challenges as a Pivotal Moment:

As with any artistic endeavor, I encountered challenges along the way, especially with time constraints. However, these hurdles turned out to be pivotal moments in my artistic growth. The time pressure pushed me beyond my comfort zone and forced me to trust my instincts without second-guessing myself. This experience not only improved my technique but also nurtured a newfound confidence in my abilities. I learned to appreciate the power of spontaneity and to embrace the beauty of imperfection.

Unforeseen Growth and Valuable Lessons:

Perhaps the most profound aspect of this journey has been the growth that I didn’t know I needed. The grant experience showed me areas of my artistry where I could push past self-imposed limitations. The journey offered me opportunities to explore new artistic avenues, experiment with techniques, and gain fresh perspectives on my creative process. Every moment was a valuable lesson, a chance to learn and refine my craft.

Embracing an Open Mind and Possibility:

From the very beginning, I approached this grant with an open mind and a willingness to embrace every possibility. I believe that the energy we invest in our endeavors directly impacts the outcome. By maintaining a positive and curious outlook, I was able to make the most of this experience and fully immerse myself in the journey of self-discovery.


As my journey as an emerging artist in 2023 comes to a close, I am filled with immense gratitude for the opportunity that the grant has given me. The mentorship, the challenges, and the triumphs have all played an instrumental role in shaping my growth as an artist. I now have the confidence to continue pushing my boundaries and exploring new artistic horizons. This journey has reaffirmed my belief that embracing every possibility and approaching life with an open mind leads to profound personal and artistic growth. I look forward to embarking on the next chapter of my artistic journey with renewed passion and a sense of purpose.

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