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Roxanne Fay

Roxanne Fay is an actor, playwright, Artistic Director of Circle in The Water. As playwright,... Read More

Tamia Iman Kennedy

Tamia Iman Kennedy is an up-and-coming filmmaker, specializing in writing, directing, producing and acting. Childhood... Read More

Eileen Marquez

Eileen Marquez recently relocated to the area from Brooklyn, New York. After graduating with a... Read More

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Lealman Mural Project at Lealman Innovation Academy

CALL TO ARTIST for Lealman Mural Project at Lealman Innovation Academy We are looking for artists interested in a collaboration... Apply Now

Type: GrantOpen GrantPartnership
Application End Date: 10/14/2022

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Lealman Mural Projects on Haines Road

Lealman Mural Projects on Haines Road Creative Pinellas is excited to announce the Lealman Mural Projects on Haines Road! OVERVIEW: ... Apply Now

Type: GrantOpen GrantPartnership
Application End Date: 10/14/2022

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Creative Pinellas Mentorship Program 2023

Call to Mentors for the 2023 Emerging Artist Grants Program Creative Pinellas is looking for professional artists in all art genres to... Apply Now

Type: GrantOpen Grant
Application End Date: 10/10/2022

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Recent Art Coasts Magazine Articles

Gio Swaby’s “Fresh Up” is a Lovefest for all Women

By Emily Lee Stehle. I wanted to enjoy Gio Swaby’s “love letters to Black women,” as described by the artist herself, at the MFA, and examine her textile techniques of sewing and appliqué quilting. Before COVID-19, museum visits and art shows were something I did with friends. I missed that, so I decided to invite a bunch of friends for a “girls’ night out” on a Thursday when the MFA has extended hours…. Read More

Jonesin’ to Make a Difference

By Laura Kepner. Fifty-eight works by Ed Derkevics are showcased at the St Pete College Epicenter in Clearwater through December 10. They’re colorful, unique, and many caused me to stop, stare and really see what I imagine Derkevics wants us to see – a full spectrum of colors and piecemeal objects representing pain, desperation, and sometimes, fragments of hope…. Read More

Contrasting and Complementary Versions of the Black Experience

By Jake-ann Jones. Combining a variety of styles and mediums, the show invites viewers to enter African American visual art through a myriad of lenses. Through the artists’ diverse visions, viewers are offered both contrasting and complementary versions of the Black experience moving through time…. Read More

Recent Arts Coast Studios Videos

afroQuantum Experiences – Artmaker Talks – Ep 4

Join Creative Pinellas Artist Laureate Jake-ann Jones as she talks one-on-one with Dr Dallas Jackson, McArthur Freeman, II and Myiah Moody. Jake-ann is talking to those who are leading artists,… Read More

SIMI The Series Ep 1 – Dreammakerz Productions

SIMI SERIES SYNOPSIS: As a young child Simi Unction is forced into an induced coma due to what’s presumed to be a major illness that affects his nervous system and… Read More

Fractal Immersion – Tod Stephens

Fractal Immersion is a series of iterative mathematical formulas that assign pixel color values and locations that result in unique abstract artwork moving through time and space…. Read More