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Dorian Angello

Growing up in Florida before a widespread understanding of neurodiversity, Dorian found in the arts... Read More

Jon Ditty

Jon Didier, better known by his stage name, Jon Ditty, is a Rapper, Songwriter, and... Read More

Rachel Ratcliff

Rachel Ratcliff is an award winning visual artist currently residing in Clearwater, Florida. Rachel was... Read More

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Professional Artist Grant 22

Applications Open! Each year, Creative Pinellas recognizes up to 10 Pinellas County artists who have excelled in their artistic practice... Apply Now

Type: GrantOpen Grant
Application End Date: 02/14/2022

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Funding Available for Video Content

From interviews to performances to original productions, content creators can license their artistic videos with Creative Pinellas . . .... Apply Now

Type: GrantOpen Grant
Application End Date: 12/31/2022

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The Struggles of Being an Artist

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Arts Annual Virtual Festival 2021

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Creating Art Together, 500 Miles Apart

Watch as the father and daughter artists collaborate over Zoom and through the mail…. Read More

Dropping in to the Studios of Three Pinellas Artists

Painters Ray Domingo and Jabari Reed, and Choreographer Helen French Speak about Collaboration and the Inspiration they Find Nearby… Read More