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Courtney Clute

Courtney Clute is a writer and professional living in St. Petersburg, FL. She primarily writes... Read More

Mark Feinman

Mark Feinman is a composer, musician, and producer from the Tampa Bay area. With over... Read More

Andee Scott

Andee Scott is an interdisciplinary dance artist based in St. Petersburg, FL. In recent years,... Read More

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A Tale of Self-Discovery 

By L.L. Kirchner. I heard of Kali before I saw her image. “Kali is the goddess of divine transformation,” boomed my yoga philosophy teacher. “Beware of following Kali,” came the next words from my teacher’s mouth. “She will destroy your life.”… Read More

Filmmaking Close to Home and Global

By Susana Darwin. My ten-minute film “Flag Act” will have its US premiere on Saturday, October 7, at the Tampa Bay Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival. I’ve been politically active for more than 40 years, and each of my three short narrative films has focused on the experiences of women…. Read More

Zooming Superheroes

Story and Photos by Troy Bernardo. I grew up on comics. But back then, only nerds read comics, so you had to make sure you never told anyone you liked them. But now, with the inundation of Marvel and DC movies, not only do people read comics, they’re admired for their visuals and storytelling…. Read More

Recent Arts Coast Studios Videos

Beyond the Walls – The Sheraton Sand Key Resort featuring John Gascot

By Creative Pinellas

Check out this Interview with Arts Annual – 2022 Beyond the Walls Exhibiting Artist – John Gascot at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort!… Read More

Making a Mural for SHINE Mural Festival 7 – Aurailieus Artist

By Creative Pinellas

Come along with Aurailieus as he paints a mural from start to finish, for SHINE mural festival 7…. Read More

Fractal Immersion – Tod Stephens

By Creative Pinellas

Fractal Immersion is a series of iterative mathematical formulas that assign pixel color values and locations that result in unique abstract artwork moving through time and space…. Read More