Making New Work

First of all, thank you. Thank you to Creative Pinellas for the incredible support you provide for artists in Pinellas County. Thank you in particular to Charlene Harrison. Charlene, please know how deeply grateful I am for the unending depths of your kindness and patience. In the midst of all of the difficulty, you are a light. Thank you.

And now… onward! I’m busy rehearsing for the Invitation Situation. We will have a week-long residency in St. Petersburg at the beginning of December before we move down to Sarasota for for a week to prepare for our premiere. In February, we will tour the work to Links Hall in Chicago, Il, then Texas later in the Spring.

Bliss and I are working with Robert Moses in January on our new duet by choreographer Robert Moses. We are excited to perform that in St. Petersburg on BEACON24 at the Palladium in April 2024.

And I am currently choreographing a new work with nine dancers, and the working title is Upwelling. I am working with the idea of force – what does it take to move you… change your mind… take a stand? When is enough enough? Where do you put the part of you that doesn’t agree with others? What is your breaking point?

In order to develop movement material, we are asking the question, “How can you move someone (through space) without touching them?” How do you make someone move? How can you make them do what you want? I am really looking to see and feel raw physicality from the dancers, so that we can find a physical analogy of when enough is enough.

This is a new direction for me – I tend to move toward harmony and fluid energy – flow over will, so we shall see what will come of this. But I feel such an upwelling of emotion and sensation when I think about the world I am living in right now, I am grateful to be in a studio with dancers that I trust to be honest with themselves and the process. Together we will find a way through.

Thank you!

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