Visual Arts & Film

Traci Mims – Give Us The Sun

By Tony Wong Palms

By Tony Wong Palms. Traci Mims’s exhibition at the Woodson provides a real sense of humanity. The faces of each person show lines drawn from living. … Read More

Support Local Artists

By Sheila Cowley

Lizzi Bougatsos & Lonnie Holley

By Tony Wong Palms

Always Creating

By Tony Wong Palms

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Performing Arts

Between Brazilian Grooves and Avant-Garde

By Tony Green

By Tony Green. “You’d think that Brazilian music and free improv and avant-garde are opposites,” says David Manson. “But both styles reject standard formulas and cliches”… Read More

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Literary Arts

How to Get Through Hurricane Season? Read!

By Margo Hammond

By Margo Hammond. My antidote for hurricane angst? Read a book about them, the scarier the better. Think of it as an inoculation, helping to prepare you for what’s to come…. Read More

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Arts & Education

Try Something New

By Libby Lewis

By Libby Lewis. For anyone struggling to find inspiration or improve as an artist, just try something new. You never know where it will lead you…. Read More

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Artists at Work

Why Poetry?

By Antonia Lewandowski

Why  Poetry? A better question might be, why not?  The story forms we currently rely on are video games, streaming, and maybe reality shows that package how we live or… Read More

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