Emily Lee Stehle

I am a mixed media fiber artist and this is my third “Emerging Artist” title! I was an Emerging Artist in 2017 for Florida CraftArt and in 2018 for Gasparilla Festival of the Arts. I’ll probably never stop emerging.

I’ve been an ever-evolving creative basket maker for more than 20 years and every day find new inspiration in the world. I’ve been known for weaving baskets out of non-conventional materials that I’ve taken from the trash can. I had a vision that discards could become transformative art.

Gabriel Ramos, my mentor in the Creative Pinellas Emerging Artist Program, challenged me to stretch my mind and imagination and “get away from the basket.” Make something flat. Do something you’ve never done. Experiment. Most of all, relish in the new freedom of creating…

So, I have. Inspired by the terrible year of 2020 and COVID-19, I have created a work that is as surprising to me as you. My exhibit, “41 Weeks of COVID-19: Comfort (Food), Music and What We Needed to Get By” has two parts. Easily 90% is from a recyclable item.

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