Adam and Kayte Bush

Adam and Kayte are a husband-and-wife team, dedicated to making an impact, not only in the artistic world but striving to bring today’s important issues to the next generation; those who will have to face them. Their current project, Dimple’s Days is inspired by their children’s unique journeys and their own passion for humanism, environmentalism, inclusion and compassion.

Long before they ever met, Adam had graduated with a degree in graphic design and Kayte studied multiple disciplines, ultimately deciding on a career in dentistry, all the while continuing to write in whatever free time she had.

Adam has spent nearly 25 years as a freelance graphic designer with a broad range of capabilities, excelling in multiple mediums. His works include Album Covers, Corporate Logos, Movie Posters, and Book Covers to name a few. With Adam’s impressive artistic range and Kayte’s love of the written word, a multifaceted partnership was born when a simple flat tire brought them together many years ago, and their relationship grew from there and blossomed into a very special family of five.

Their family has been on a long and challenging path for years, but it has only made their love for each other and their passion for community even stronger. Although it was some time ago, Adam created “Dimple” out of that love and compassion. Unfortunately, the years passed as they tend to do while raising three young children and Dimple sat untouched for almost a decade.

Then, as the world shuttered its doors in the Spring of 2020 due to the Global Pandemic, Kayte was not permitted to practice dentistry. This gave her and Adam the ideal opportunity to bring Dimple and their cast of wacky, fun and completely diverse characters to life. While Dimple marks the beginning of their official artistic partnership together, it is sure not to be the last. They were recently Awarded the Creative Pinellas Emerging Artists Grant for 2021-22 and are excited to share their fun, funky and completely unique characters and stories through the lens of humanity, love and social justice for children all over the world.

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