Dimple's Days

What the World Needs Now…

Hi, we’re Kayte and Adam Bush, a husband-and-wife creative team living in Clearwater, Florida. A near decade long journey has brought us here, with you- today, to a place we never imagined we’d be.


Adam has always been a true artist, one whose work flows from the heart and will never, ever, be ‘good enough’ for him. It was in Adam’s experiences with his own children, family, and friends, that Dimple’s world was born. Dimple represents kindness and compassion for everyone. Dimple is a creature not defined by their gender but by loving and acceptance. Dimple lives in the Deep Secret Sunny Wood, where no two monsters look alike. In Dimple’s world, it is their differences that unite them. The only thing they all have in common is that they are all monsters.

This was the very first drawing of Dimple that Adam ever drew.

Kayte, a licensed medical provider by trade, has always longed to be a writer and has started several books that she is too scared to finish, yet was flooded with words when Adam introduced her to Dimple. She sat with him, and they talked and talked about who Dimple was and what they represented. They started compiling a fantastic series of stories about creatures whom our society would deem ‘monsters’ yet are so pure and good that they model an open and caring community ready to tackle big issues with little kids. It was 2010, a time when we thought the world couldn’t need a mascot for love of all kinds any more than in that moment. Unfortunately, Dimple’s Days crumbled under the weight of raising three small, unique children and lay dormant for a decade.


Flash Forward

March 2020: The world seems as though it’s unraveling. With a pandemic keeping everyone locked in their homes for months on end, one crisis leading to the next, it feels as though nearly everyone is suffering. It was only in this time, a forced and painful seclusion for most, that Dimple had a chance to crawl out from under other “old art”. Adam asked Kayte if she still had the folder with all the ideas and stories that they had come up with so long ago. Of course, she did.

The world did need Dimple’s Days a decade ago, but perhaps the world wasn’t ready- or we weren’t. Either way, it’s clear that we can not wait any longer. Young children need stories of fun and mystery and they need to see themselves represented in those stories. They need to see what it looks like without all the divisiveness and what we can all accomplish together. Children need to know it’s okay to be “you”, because maybe,
just maybe, we are all monsters.

This image shows part of the evolution of the Dimple character. They have continued to grow and change as the stories began to come together.

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