We’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat…

The day we walked through the gallery doors with the Creative Pinellas curator, Beth, was far more intimidating than I thought it would be. As Emerging Artists Grantees, we are the only recipients who are not sole artists (and for me, the first time anything I’ve collaborated on has been in a show). Furthermore, and perhaps even more daunting- our art, our passion, what will be on display at the exhibition is not exactly “visual art”.

Large, open spaces to fill in the Creative Pinellas Gallery

Of course, our book illustrations are as eye catching as they are fun, unique, and beautiful- however, our message is relayed through the words AND images that we have been working so hard to produce. Seeing such an exquisite space with so much potential, almost felt like it will dwarf our work. Not to mention the other Emerging Artist’s pieces, which based on our talks, I am most definitely concerned with our work and our message getting lost among the beautiful pieces in larger scale mediums.

Beth Gelman, the curator, has made some suggestions as to how better to represent our message as well as the illustrations and has physically chosen a location within the Gallery based on these concepts. It was incredibly helpful to have such a seasoned expert to guide us.

I know Adam has been in multiple shows, I have not- and as the lead writer and visual arts collaborator, this is more than nerve wracking. The space in the Gallery is laid out beautifully, with high ceilings, ample corners, nooks and wall space. Luckily, I have all the faith in the world that Beth will take advantage of that and display our work in a way which our message and artistry come though as one. Can’t wait to see you there!








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