Stream of Consciousness

I suppose that’s what you call it, thoughts flitting about, important ones, sad ones and the ones that make your blood pressure rise a bit too high, you know the ones. Those thoughts that are constantly flowing through our consciousness, whether we realize it or not. If you can’t tell, I watched “The Doors” movie with Val Kilmer last weekend.

Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison in the movie ‘The Doors’

So many attributed his later recordings to that of a drunken ‘has been’, but within the truth of that drunken ‘has been’ is the legend that is Jim Morrison. Whether he was drunk or high or tripping, he was still the Lizard King and always will be.

The absolutely bravery and stupidity that he ensured was always on display was incredibly frustrating to those who loved him. Those same people that cared for him the most, buried him at 27 years old. When I saw that information at the end of the movie, I was definitely taken aback. I am 45 years old. Jim Morrison was and will always be this “man-god”, unattainable and forever… 27. WHAT?

Isn’t it interesting how when they say someone who passed away young is forever young. IS that a good thing?? I’ve lived almost two decades longer than many artistic geniuses whose works will transcend time, yet I have a legacy that has yet to be written. Or has it?

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