Not Your Typical Journey

As artists, our work often evolves as we do. When we grow, learn, and adapt- so does our style or styles. This is quite often expected and seen clearly in many of the greats, from Picasso to Pollack, the evolution of each is extraordinary. I can see it clearly in my expression through the written word, yet the transformations in the visual pieces produced by Adam is breathtaking. Not only does the subject matter continually change but how far he is willing to push himself in different mediums grows as well.

One place I know he never imagined himself is illustrating a young children’s book. Based on his interests and experience alone, one would think that he would be working on graphic novels or album covers, but if you’ve been following our journey, you know that ‘Dimple’ is light years away from that. Adam even developed a pseudonym under which to identify his more macabre pieces as to not limit his audience with darker works of art, which he also enjoys illustrating.


Character deign for a graphic novel project.
Pencil and chalk on toned paper.



Movie poster for an Independent documentary film from Singapore. Digital design.


Yet, his ability to continue to hone his craft in multiple styles and mediums, is different from the ‘evolution’ of the artists mentioned above. Primarily, most artists expound upon and perfect what they were already doing. This evolution implies a distinct beginning and a gradual learned improvement in that work; whereas Adam continues to illustrate the ‘Dimple’ books while working on horror genre novel covers, corporate logos and designs.

Regardless of what he is working on, he continues to grow as an artist, ultimately following his passion. He created the ‘Dimple’ characters based on his own experiences with his children and the loving, compassionate world he so desperately wants for them. It is quite evident watching him work, that he is emotionally invested in everything he produces, yet there is a special light that draws him to ‘Dimple’. As we speak, he continues to shape and mold more of the characters in Dimple’s world, while creating a Sci-Fi book cover and working on branding for a wellness center. He always says he is a poor multi-tasker; this writer disagrees.

Page layout design for a children’s book. Watercolor, ink, colored pencil

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