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The Peaks and Valleys of the Artistic Process

Our Creative Process

We feel incredibly lucky to have this opportunity to share our artistic process with you throughout our grant period with Creative Pinellas. We have been asked to write these blogs regularly and honored that some might find them enjoyable and come back for more.

When we discussed blog posts with each other and other artists, I found that my process tends to be quite different than that of an illustrator, painter or designer.

You see, while Adam and I collaborate on everything, I do a lot of the writing and also have other books that are in the process of being written. As we mentioned before, Adam was practically born with graphite in his hand. Art is innate within him, and he finds creating an outlet for his emotions. While life is happening all around us, two middle aged parents of three tweens, it feels like we are on a roller coaster of band practice and power bill extensions, and nine times out of ten, I look over and he has a pencil in his hand. He will be the first one to say that it does influence the subject matter of what he is creating, but he is still able to create when life gets in the way.

I wish that were the case with me, when the balance in the bank does it’s monthly dwindle, a slow panic starts to rise in me and I find it difficult to write. When three out of the five of us get sick but we have no insurance, my prose comes grinding to a halt. I try to snap myself out of it but by then, having to juggle the kids, the car, my failing health, my two jobs and my business- my artistic process feels like it’s been run over by an 18-Wheeler.

Car-Line Art

“Waiting for the kids in the car line at school is even an opportunity for Adam to be creative”

That special place in my head where all the words hide among other scrambled puzzle pieces just shuts down. Is that writers block? Why can’t I channel it like Adam does? Perhaps, I do, just not in my creative process?? It would be great to hear how other artists deal with the stressors of life and how or if, it affects their work.
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