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What Happens When You Stop Believing in Your Own Creative Message?

Nothing good, I can tell you that.

So could countless other artists since the inception of our craft. Over the centuries, from our first glimpses of man’s evolution through cave paintings to the magnificence of the Greco-Roman sculptures and statues to the Cystine Chapel, artistry has been woven into our culture, with the hope that whether through prose or plaster, graphite or the grand tombs of the pharaohs; the artist’s message would resonate.

Of course, many of the aforementioned works were commissioned, but I certainly do not believe for a moment that these giants throughout the history of Arts and Humanities didn’t feel that same spark that all artists do. Whether it’s clearly delivered between the notes in song, or with the modern brilliance of 3D printing and digital art- we each have a passion driving us to do more, to create bigger and have our art speak to you.

Does kindness really matter in our society today?

With this in mind, you may see why losing hope in the message you are trying to convey through your work, could be devastating.

In Dimple’s Days, we have created a world where everyone is unique, the characters are not boxed in by gender or valued only for their skills, possessions or talents. In the deep, secret sunny wood being yourself and being kind ARE the tenets within the trees. Everyone has something to offer, even if it’s a simple smile that turns someone’s day around. This is our creative message- kindness DOES matter, and enough of it can change our troubled world.

However, heading into our second year of the Pandemic as a healthcare worker, I am beginning to wonder- does kindness really matter? It most definitely does in our whimsical world of hope and compassion for Dimple and all the monsters of the deep secret, sunny wood- but does it really matter outside those carefully crafted pages?

Will anyone click the link and actually read this after they hit the ‘like’ button?  I really don’t think so. As artists, Adam and I aren’t just sharing our talent, we are hoping to positively impact our fractured society. Yet, with each passing day, that seems more difficult than the last. It has me wondering, DOES kindness really matter anymore?

It’s a horrible feeling, both as a human being and an artist who feels their creative message is being lost in a sea of denial, debate and despair. If you made it this far, please let us know, does kindness still matter to you?

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