Emerging Artist Grant 22

Creative Pinellas proudly congratulates this year’s group of award-winning grantees!

Dorian Angello, Adam & Kayte Bush, Jon Ditty, Alex Kaufman, Teresa Mandala, Rachel Ratcliff, Heather Rippert, Ashley Rivers, Ketsy Ruiz, & Margherita Tibaldo

Emerging Artist Grants are designed to assist artists early in their career with the tools to make the leap to their next step as professional artists. Each year Creative Pinellas awards up to ten grants to artists with a recognized and proven promise, a history of success, a strong portfolio of work and a vision for their future. Grants are awarded for original work in the disciplines of choreography, literature, media arts, music composition, theater/musical theater, visual arts and interdisciplinary arts. The program is a vehicle for supporting and showcasing innovative and exciting work, contributing to the expansion of Pinellas County’s status as a vibrant arts and cultural destination.

Recipients have been selected for this grant. Congratulations!

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