Rachel Ratcliff

2022 Emerging Artist

2022 Emerging Artist Exhibition

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Rachel Ratcliff is an award winning visual artist currently residing in Clearwater, Florida. Rachel was born into a family of artists, gardeners, and naturalists and was immersed in a world of nature and art at a young age. Working primarily with acrylics, her early art emerged from the colorful botanical universe of forests, gardens, and fields. Morning glories, sunflowers, and insects that daily encompassed her day-to-day life instilled a great respect and love for the wild world around her. Rachel has displayed at multiple art festivals, locally and out of state, consistently since 2016. She was the featured artist in the Via Colori chalk festival in Fredericksburg, Va in 2016. Rachel has painted several murals for local restaurants in Safety Harbor and Saint Petersburg. She has also served as a volunteer member on the board for the Safety Harbor Art Walk.

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