Funding Available for Video Content

From interviews to performances to original productions, content creators can license their artistic videos with Creative Pinellas

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Our mission
is to create a curated experience that will bring new arts performances , arts-related programs and films to residents and visitors. We aim to highlight amazing artists, artwork and arts organizations, promote Pinellas County as an arts and cultural destination – and make the arts accessible to everyone.

Arts Coast Studios is looking for filmed performances, studio and gallery tours, video conversations and lectures, documentaries, original films and digital arts experiences. We’re open to a diverse array of music, dance, theatre, spoken word and poetry, fiction and nonfiction short or feature length films and multi-arts collaborations. . . videos of public art tours, documenting a work in progress or explaining a technique. . . arts and cultural history, arts education projects, bilingual works and community arts projects.
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Arts Coast Studios is Looking For
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      • High-quality content and high-quality audio and video production
      • Programs of interest to arts enthusiasts, the arts curious, artists and everyone in between.
      • Applicants can be a Pinellas County resident, have a connection to this area, or your program is of interest to Pinellas County residents
      • No hate-speech, violent or graphic content, harmful or dangerous content.
      • If you’re using copyrighted materials, all applicable copyrights must be owned by the person submitting the content, or you’ve obtained all necessary legal permissions to use copyrighted material.





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