Creative Pinellas Artist Grants

Creative Pinellas presents multiple funding opportunities for Pinellas County Artists working in film, music, performance, visual and sculptural art, writing, or contemporary performance art.

  • Arts Impact Fund: Apply in your genre/category for between $2,000 and $5,000 to create and present your work in Pinellas County.
  • Arts Ignite Fund: Apply for up to $500 to bridge a small but important gap for arts supplies, materials, or a project budget item.
  • Fund: Apply for up to $5,000 to create art celebrating Florida’s unique cultural, natural, and artistic environment, culminating in a premier exhibition or performance at FloridaRAMA in St. Petersburg, FL. (Learn More about FloridaRAMA by clicking here)
  • Sixstar Performance Art Fund:
    Apply for up to $1,000 to create original, contemporary performance art in Pinellas County. The resulting live, county-bridging performances will be showcased at both Sixstar Arts Studios in St. Petersburg, FL and the Gallery at Creative Pinellas in Largo, FL.


  • Apply as an individual, not as a nonprofit or an organization
  • Applicants must reside in Pinellas County residency for at least 6 months + 1 day and have a Pinellas address for the application
  • Age 18+ at time of application
  • Did not receive a grant for Beyond Placemaking / Creative Pinellas NEA Artists 2023-24
  • Did not receive a grant for Emerging Artists 2023-24
  • Projects start no earlier than signing of grant agreements; all projects end by August 31, 2025


  • August 1 – September 16, 2024 – Applications accepted
  • Autumn – Ignite Fund scheduled for selection and funding disbursement
  • Late Autumn – All Other Funds scheduled for selection
  • January – February – All Other Funds scheduled for funding disbursement
  • August 31, 2025 – All projects must close by this date

Download the Application Planning Packet now to prepare your application for submission beginning August 1, 2024.

Download Here

We have streamlined our application process. If you’ve applied with us before, you’ll need to create a new Submittable account for this grant application.

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