Xina Scuderi

Xina Scuderi is a fine art photographer based in St. Petersburg, Florida. In 2019 she was inspired to start the ‘Doors of St. Pete Project’ to honor her father who was an Artisan and Door Designer in St. Pete from the 1970s until the 2008 recession. Xina grew up in a house surrounded by craftsmanship and architecture. As a teenager and early college years she worked as her father’s helper building, finishing, and installing wood, metal, and stained-glass works.

Xina Scuderi’s Doors of St. Pete became a milestone work in her career. In 2021 she began to study architecture academically. Xina Scuderi’s travel photography followed into an architectural study series. Scuderi’s architectural series works are currently on display at The Bilmar Resort for Art Beyond the Walls with Creative Pinellas.

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