Artist Update 7/29/18 – Next Life, Shows Coming Up

Artist Update 7/29/18 – Next Life, Shows Coming Up

Preparing For the Next Life

I have unplugged my machines in my father’s shop. As mentioned in previous blogs I am getting ready to sell my parents house. I can no longer make frames or panels. It’s a really weird feeling. I am going through so much emotionally. The major change is that was my shop is no longer available to me. For 5 years I’ve been channeling my energy into art projects. Often it was an escape, a way to get away from stress. The rest of the time I spent there making art was to have fun and experiment. Whether I was in my shop happy, or not so happy – it was a good place for me to go. It was my safe place.

I was becoming more confident in what I was as an artist and who I was as a person. Looking into the future I can’t really see what I am or who I am anymore or what I want to do. I became really comfortable with the life that I was living taking care of my mom and dad, having my studio at their house. It is so painful but I know that won’t last forever. My boyfriend and I are kind of wondering what we are going to do with our lives when I am not going to check on my parents all the time and help them. Definitely more kayaking and day trip adventures.

Shows Coming Up

!!!! – August 24th @ MIZE

I am in this show at Mize. What I dream is to go down to the coast south of here around Boca Grande to take an image for this show in reference to the current environmental disaster that is happening. I decided not to do that. People are very upset in the South meanwhile the toxic water is moving north. It has reached Manatee county. Pinellas is next. There was another idea that I had earlier in the year that was more fun and less depressing. It’s not as powerful of a protest as my red tide x algae bloom idea. It’s more cute and funny.

More info about the red tide x algae bloom disaster happening right now CLICK HERE

ex·cla·ma·tion – a sudden cry or remark, especially expressing surprise, anger or pain.
the act of exclaiming; outcry; loud complaint or protest.
Creative Pinellas Emerging Artist Showcase – April 27th @ Creative Pinellas
What a weird time for me to be doing this. I dreamed of receiving the grant for a few years. Now I’m in a bad mood from having such a life changing summer. If this happened in the spring before my mom ended up in the hospital I probably would’ve gone crazy with it. Gone wild. Went BIG.
I am showcasing ‘The Grand Circle’ Series from my trip in May. I am meeting with my mentor this week with some proofs. Hard part is that my collection of frames that I use aren’t very consistent in size. Obviously I wish I could have all large frames in the same size handmade in my shop. This is pretty expensive actually and people don’t want to pay for good framing. Most people want Ikea frame prices. For example my 24 x 36 cost me $120 to make it myself. I milled the wood and made the cuts from a block of lumber. Then I painted them. That means value in time added onto the material costs. I might be moving into Ikea frames like everyone else. It was something that was special about me as an artist. I can’t afford custom framing.

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