Artist Update 8.19.2018 – New Studio

Artist Update 8.19.2018 – New Studio

Last weekend Kyle and I moved my parents into assisted living with 5 other people helping. This weekend we had to move my personal items out of the house – mostly my artist studio. It has been about 4 years since I had a studio open to the public. That was at Bloom in 2014.

I have moved into Segal & Schuh where Kyle works as a Paralegal for the attorney Lee Segal. Jill Schuh offered me an empty office in exchange for me to hang my art in the common areas like the above the couch wall in the lobby and the hallway. They have lots of blank walls. Segal & Schuh moved into this glass building in December. I am on the waiting list for 5663 Studios in Pinellas Park. I might not want to leave though. I am sick of moving!!! I want to settle down in one place for an extended amount of time. Extended amount of time as in 6 months to a year minimum. I’ve already been displaced / lost in transition for almost 4 months since my mom had ‘strokes on both sides’ while driving to my solo show at Bok Tower Gardens. We will see how it works. If it works out well I will stay. I need to get back in my groove! The new space is really inspirational actually. It’s beautiful. I get to curate a collection in a working space. I have to give my studio a total makeover / attitude change to fit in there. No more old bucket as a trash can. People will be able to visit my studio by appointment. It will be nice, professional, comfortable, inviting. I want it to be a little crazy and eclectic but still clean. There is a conference room that has a television for presentations. I have already used that for one meeting with my mentor MK Foltz.

Immediately I have to arrange this new studio and begin to unfit a selection of frames for the Creative Pinellas Emerging Artist Showcase. Right now I think I am doing 7 pieces for the show. I have to order prints and have them mounted by Adam Unger at Frame St. Pete. He mounts all my prints with ‘Kool Tack’. I would PREFER all my prints to be fine art prints from Erickson Digital Arts, but that is something I absolutely cannot afford anymore. I have stacks of prints laying around that have cost so much money that I am just not willing to do that to myself anymore unless someone special orders it. That means I am stuck with glossy prints from Bay Photo. I do love them but they all have to be mounted for any serious type of exhibition especially in large sizes because if there is any air pockets behind the prints you can see it waving in the frame. I wish I could Kool Tack them myself. It takes a machine that I don’t have.




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