Artist Update 7.16.2018 – New Studio?!

Artist Update 7.16.2018 – New Studio?!

Photo by Michael Oliver (2014).

My studio has been at my parents house since 2013. We are getting ready to sell the house. I lived there part time for 2.5 years, then I moved in full time with my boyfriend Kyle in his one bedroom condo in 2015. The condo is too small to make art or have any art stored. I really liked to see my parents all the time, and to help them with all the things they need. I also didn’t want to spend 350$ a month for a studio at ArtsXChange. So I kept my studio there at my parents house. It was really exciting for my dad to have me around making art, especially when I was in Winterpark and Gasparilla Emerging Artist Programs last spring. This spring I was there making my collection for Bok Tower Gardens. My dad was an artist. He loves to see me making art! I have been working from his shop. I did pay a small amount of money as well which was helpful for them.

The thing about your art studio being at your parents house who are old and disabled – is that you cant have people over for studio visits. I’ll save you from the details. Sometimes I would have good friend come over to see my shop. Other than that I didn’t have people over.

At first I thought ‘OK, I’ll get a storage unit’. A couple weeks have gone by. I got to thinking, and I said ‘Kyle, what if I moved into an empty office at your work’. My boyfriend is a paralegal at a law firm that just moved into a huge beautiful office in a glass window building in Clearwater. They are such nice people. Jill Schuh is a family lawyer who VOLUNTEERED to help Kyle write the Power of Attorney and all the other forms for my parents for no charge. Kyle agreed, his boss might actually agree to this. They have empty private offices. So I said ‘yea, they need art anyways. I will give them art.’

Today Kyle talked to Jill Schuh. He works at Segal & Schuh Law Firm. She said yes. Hopefully this works out!!! No more wood shop, but I still work at the warehouse at HSN where I can maybe get some stuff done if I need table saw cuts. They have a planer. I could make my frame moldings. The guys at the warehouse are pieces of work though. They might not say OK to that. OR I can have Anderson Lumber do it for me.

Maybe I’ll survive all this craziness. Still be able to make art. It will be like another phase of life. Deal with rebranding later. No more Scuderi Studios?

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