Story Time

Story Time

Here are some fun stories that I can share from my grant period. People I meet and silly things I do.

I paid $200 to enter a canyon with a tripod.

This is about what it’s really like to be a National Park photographer, or a destination or travel photographer.

I paid $200 to enter Upper Antelope Canyon at ‘prime time’ with a tripod the Friday before Memorial Day. Most Navajo companies won’t give photography tours on holidays. Friday before is considered the holiday. To get to the area I had to fly to Vegas. Then I had to rent a car. I traveled 1,500 miles in a week already before I arrived in Page, Arizona. Even considering if I went to Page directly from Vegas, think of the gas money, Airbnbs, food, ect. We’re not even talking about cost of equipment, printing or framing here so don’t get me started.

When you’re looking at pretty pictures, don’t forget what it takes to make quality images and quality art.

Maury Brooks – Dry Tortugas

I am pretty sure that is what the guys name was. When Richard and I were in Dry Tortugas, there was this hippie guy that was by himself. He has long white hair with a hairy chest. Very tan, very nice. I saw him doing yoga at sunrise and sunset. Then we got to talking. He liked to chat. This guy turn his kayak into a sailboat, and KAYAKED ALL THE WAY TO DRY TORTUGAS – BY HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!!! He said he skipped along the keys all the way from Key Largo starting in April by himself. No wonder he liked to talk. We just couldn’t believe it. I said WHERE DO YOU SLEEP!!!?!?! He said I sleep on the kayak in the water. I said NOOOO!!! NONOOONO! That must be crazy. He said oh its wonderful, I love it. Later he said he was low on food. I said don’t you eat the fish? He said no I don’t – I don’t eat much. I made sure to give him my almonds on the last day. We went to the beach on the last day waiting for the ferry to open the bar and leave. We saw him going to Loggerhead but then he went way out much further in the wrong way away from Loggerhead until we couldn’t even see him anymore.

What a crazy man!

Steve Melton – Cowboy Poet

This guy bought my dad’s power hammer for his Agricultural and Machine Museum in Dade City. I didn’t know if it was legit or not while we were in talks of selling/buying. I really had to sell this power hammer. It was 900 pounds and 80- years old. Later we looked him up. He’s legit!!!! What a cool guy. He was such a gentleman. He writes cowboy poetry and he has a huge YouTube following. I am going to have to visit Steve on his farm.

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