Artist Update 8.5 – Goals Achieved

Artist Update 8.5 – Goals Achieved

The Business Side

This week I completed 3 business related goals that I’ve been meaning to do that are important: 1. new instagram account for pro pics only, 2. start the Files & Film website, 3. get my demo from

I love my personal instagram but it really isn’t doing anything for me as a photographer because I don’t spend the time to put pro pics on it with hashtags. I finally created that @xina_scuderi. The next thing I know I should do is to make a Facebook page for my art. I’ve been neglecting my branding problem of operating my page Scuderi Studios also as a page for my art, but they are 2 totally different things. Sucks that I’ll have to get new Likes!

I have owned for I think 5 years but I never made it an active site. I always used a page on for Files & Film. Looking forward the event deserves it’s own website. My boyfriend Kyle is helping me with this. We might have to pay a guy through envato to install the plugins because it looks kinda weird and not right.

I finally got my demo from!!!!!!!!!! This is so exciting! St. Pete Arts Alliance graciously sponsored Files & Film to be posted on The service costs money, money I never felt comfortable spending out of my personal money before because I didn’t know if I could pay myself back after all the books were balanced. John Collins showing his support is giving me the confidence that in the future maybe I can pay myself back. Maybe I can go ahead and get this service for us every year. The service is awesome. It collects the money, all the data, and files. It makes everything so much easier for everyone involved. This next show is the experiment.

The Artist Side

This week I met with my mentor at the new location I am moving my studio to in Clearwater. I am moving my studio in next weekend.

I actually did end up doing my environmental project for !!!! at Mize Gallery. Of course like most images I create I always want to DO IT OVER! I wish the image was taken at sunset. Hard to say if dead fish will still be on the beach at sunset. Cities are cleaning up dead wildlife quickly everyday.

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