Final Report – New Images Made On This Grant

Final Report – New Images Made On This Grant

While on this grant I traveled out West to do The Grand Circle. That trip was already planned and paid before this grant was announced. I flew out the week after the announcement. This new series has been the art I focused on for the grant. Here are some I posted on Instagram that are not in the showcase exhibition. I created the new instagram during the grant period. I had another instagram but it wasn’t my full frame nikon dslr pics . It was more like my personal cell phone adventures.

I went to Dry Tortugas National Park in July with Richard Auger. Years of wanting to try an Aquatech water housing, I bought one. Probably not the best decision financially. And I was really tired and cranky at this point in the summer anyways but here are some images I am playing with. Haven’t shared anything yet.

Then I took a day off from work one day to take this image for MIZE exhibition ‘!!!!’.

The image above was featured in the Tampa Bay Times website representing the show. The piece was placed in the front window. It was a statement piece taking the direction I was given literally in protest and anger.

Siesta Key 08.02.18
Xina Scuderi
Digital Photography

I took the Aquatech to Rainbow Springs. Dry Tortugas was too crazy. This was chill.

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