Takeya Trayer

What is the past, present and future tense of creativity? It is a passion that knows no limits of time. The expression of imagination is free at the earliest ages of life and it is my passion to uncover the various languages that lay dormant within my brain and soul.

Inspired by the many joys, traumas, and evolutions of life, I aim to find languages that communicate to multiple audiences.

I loved to draw and write poetry in elementary and that continued on throughout my life. In high school, I took a special interest in animation and digital storytelling and that led me to further my education. I’ve earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Art from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia where I was on the Women’s Basketball Team. I acquired an associates degree in computer animation from the Art Institute of Philadelphia. I also spent time at the Academy of Art in San Francisco taking animation classes.

I am a parent of two incredibly artistic and curious children. As soon as they could sit up I equipped them with pen and paper to see what would happen. The inspiration of watching their calculated freedom is forever ingrained in me. That experience also led me to write and self publish my first book called “My Mommy Is My Daddy.” I illustrated the entire book with my non-dominant hand to replicate the style of drawing I observed from my children. I re-released the bookafter replacing the illustrations in color cut paper collage style edited digitally.

I have received various grants throughout my career with the most recent being one from the St. Petersburg Art Alliance and one from Creative Pinellas in 2021. I have shared works of different mediums in Pennsylvania, California here in Florida. I am a member of the WADA gallery and have donated art to various organizations.

Currently I am living and working in St. Petersburg, Florida. I am a Studio teacher for preschoolers in a private school. Youth is full of joy, wonder, adaptability and making connections which quite often provides a catalyst for my path of creativity. Studio explores technology, music, movement, science, and visual arts exposing children to Reggio inspired provocations. I also serve as a DEI coordinator for my division learning and leading opportunities of growth, empathy and belonging.

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