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My Mommy Is My Daddy:

2 Pages from my upcoming book.  

UPDATE: I’m researching self publishing sites and methods of conversion for Apple Books, Amazon and print.

These are two images from my book “My Mommy is My Daddy,” the color version.  The book will be available for purchase soon.  It is cut paper collage edited in Photoshop. 


These images remind me of a prose I wrote about ten years ago.  



The only thing you need to know is that you know nada 

the only thing is everything the truth will take you further 

take a look around you global warming make it hotter 

I like you naked anyway and waiting in the water

There is no separation 

were all one creation 

if we open mind we can learn from masturbation 

I love you like I love myself 

I’m so conceited 

you can take the compliment because I don’t need it 

I guess that means I love you 

because I am of you 

recycled matter I’m not above you. 

The strongest hold is the weakest link 

we don’t evolve then we go extinct 

subconsciously unconsciously just given in 

time to take back the world I’m living in 

cause it’s my world and my sun 

I be the golden child and the chosen one 

I I I want the knife 

cause its my pie and my slice 

we got to eat to live and we work to eat 

so we work to live we give our hands and feet 

can’t raise our kids 

can’t get no sleep 

we get shackled up 

cause free life ain’t cheap

Where you people going

What you people think you doing

Our build need to build up

And let them sift through the ruins

I heard it’s lunacy to repeat history 

The education system is a crook to me 

mostly crooked stairs 

full of crooked chairs 

who owned some companies 

screaming life is fair 

well life is short 

without healthcare 

my life’s your favorite sport 

but who the hell cares

 you better jump through hoops for that welfare 

because I got a job 

won’t you get one 

and how they look at you 

makes you want to hit one 

so I hit one 

on my one hit 

and I unified my 2-spirits

 and I drift off 

the pen in hand 

the ocean is gray 

but I don’t need land 

I sleep with a pen 

so I can write what I dream 

when I woke up 

my pen was lost in the seams 

but it seems like I can’t fill in between 

but I feel like a modern-day Martin Luther king 

got many ideas And visions 

small epiphanies about living 

many epiphanies 

I’m trying to build a pyramid 

*uck a Tiffany’s

Don’t give in 



I guess currently these images remind me that nature is supposed to be free.  As a human race nature helps us connect with something more powerful than the frivolities of finding a coffee or a parking spot.  It tells us that we are a part of something bigger.  Hopefully we can see the life around us and the beauty in it.  


The words that attend these images were written because people have become so lost. We are emotional wrecks, psychologically impaired and sucked into technology.  We want fast, immediate, entertainment and self soothing people that agree with our odd and outrageous behavior.  Nature, that has been left to naturally grow in its habit, is rare and not easily accessible, likely due to us wanting products easily accessible instead.  So how do we find collective truth, healing, happiness?  We all want the same things, to be happy and live without need, yet we can not.  We can not let one another live.  


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