Ze Multi Tasking Parent Artist

Ze cooks and Ze draws, Ze plays basketball. 

Ze occupies wall street and fights to change laws.










Parenting, Art, Fitness, Stock Market and creating or changing Laws.

What do these things have in common? Well, they are all extremely time consuming.  They require you to think, plan, and execute.  Often you must reevaluate your approach and reconfigure it.

So how does one person do all of these things? How does one person accomplish all of these important goals well?

An article from the Entrepreneur by Nadia Goodman suggest,

“Most of us assume we’re pretty good at multitasking, but we may be deceived. “You are your own worst judge of how good a multitasker you are,” Markman says. That’s because the same areas of the brain that monitor your performance are also the areas activated by multitasking. You simply have less bandwidth to evaluate your performance correctly.”


So if our brains are not very good at multitasking why do we insist on doing it?

We do not have a choice.  Parents have to perform a series of different tasks at work and still remember what needs to be done in the home.  Single parents manage even more responsibility.

As a single parent and an artist with ambitious goals, I comprehend the huge challenge of managing it all.  I am also a competitive sports oriented person so I know how to be persistent and train well.

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Takeya Trayer

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