Sunscreen Film Festival

The 17th annual Sunscreen Film Festival is eye-opening for viewers – and for Bay area filmmakers. “The workshops are one of the most popular parts of the festival,” says Tony Armer, festival founder. “Providing educational programs on a wide variety of topics like screenwriting, acting, producing, finance and distribution gives people a chance to interact with professionals, ask questions and learn about aspects of the industry that are sometimes tough to learn.” And the lineup of new films is stellar. … Read More

Victoria Jorgensen

Writer, Director & Producer Featured Arts Annual Film Victoria Jorgensen is an award winning Tampa Bay based filmmaker, writer and film festival organizer who’s film/ video career spans over four… Read More

Gabriella Krousaniotakis

My name is Gabriella Krousaniotakis, I am a freelance videographer, video editor, motion graphics designer and content creator. Alas a filmmaker! Masterful digital film production and editing is my raison… Read More

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