Community Healing Through Artistic Transformation

By Fanni Green. University of South Florida Theatre professor, actor, director and writer Fanni Green talks with USF English professor, author, spoken word and visual artist Dr. Gary Lemons about his focus this month as our guest editor – Community Healing through Artistic Transformation. As Gary explains, “We must change people’s lives to believe we all have the right to be creative.” Listen here… Read More

The Crystal Clear Pond

By Pamela Joy Trow. I was awarded an NEA grant from Creative Pinellas for a project encompassing my poem, Scanned Electron Microscope images and a message about the unseen world of water pollution. With the focus on engaging both children and adults in Pinellas County, the project vehicle is a coloring book to educate and provide solutions to achieving clean water…. Read More

Summer at the Beach Art Center

By Suzanne Norman. Summer breezes from the shores of Indian Rocks Beach stir tree leaves by the shady doorstep of the Beach Art Center. A relaxed vibe welcomes visitors as they enter through a gift shop with local artists’ works. The center has a treasure chest of art activities for young minds and other age groups to entice their creative spirits. Established in 1978, the center has a history that supports the cultural needs of the community. It is vibrant today thanks to volunteers, a variety of local funds, grants and philanthropic sources…. Read More

Artists on Arts and Healing

As part of our June Arts and Healing focus with guest editor Gary Lemons, we asked a range of artists the questions that Gary proposed. What is your concept of an art “community” for building creative alliances with individuals across different identities? What are your thoughts about art as a creating form of inner healing and well-being? As ever, we got a beautiful and moving array of responses for you to explore…. Read More

Arts Conservatory for Teens – An Inspired Success

By Carlene Cobb. The 9th Annual Champions for ACT Breakfast at St. Petersburg Pier was an inspired success. Performances by Arts Conservatory for Teens students and alumni rocked the appreciative audience with music, singing, dancing, acting, spoken word and inspired energy…. Read More

Creative Clay’s Spring for the Arts

By Cindy Stovall. “What we’re doing is creating a space that’s accessible for people with developmental or other disabilities to express themselves through an exploration of the arts,” Creative Clay CEO Kim Dohrman says. “And the art that our member artists create is valued and embraced by this wonderful St. Petersburg community. When someone attends Spring for the Arts, they actually get to see our mission in action.”… Read More

Creative Clay is Flying

By Sheila Cowley. At our second Sparks Collaborative Ensemble rehearsal for Billow, Creative Clay’s artists were flying. The performance is part of Creative Clay’s Spring for the Arts fundraiser on May 20. Billow is a short play dozens of Creative Clay’s member artists have a hand in – from painting strikingly beautiful billowing flags to moving and dancing and shouting out lines with actor Jan Neuberger, dancer Helen Hansen French and choreographer Paula Kramer.
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Visiting the Clearwater Library’s Clyde Butcher Exhibit with Kids

By Harriet Monzon-Aguirre. I really encourage everyone to visit Clyde Butcher’s exhibition before it closes on May 31. His message is moving and important. If you are visiting the Clearwater Main Library with children, the second floor is a wonderful space. Where else can you find a boat amongst books overlooking the Clearwater Marina?
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Fearless Abstract

By Gabrielle Reeder. Dane Capo and his mother Krista taught and curated an art class titled “Fearless Abstract” at Indian Rocks’ Beach Art Center, on painting without the feeling so common to artists – fear. “We came up with the idea out of Autism Awareness Month,” Krista says. “Everybody asks about how he chooses his colors and how he comes up with these weird mixtures and things. I blame it on the Autism because he doesn’t have any fear about choosing a color.”… Read More

WE Convene: Accessibility and Equity

 This important discussion centered around exploring these ideas of REACH and ENGAGEMENT as we looked at Accessibility and Equity in Pinellas County. Co- Hosted by Dr. Carter G. Woodson… Read More

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