Welcoming Domestic Violence Survivors With Art

By Jennifer Ring. Domestic violence survivors are diverse, but they share a common problem – bureaucracy. Now survivors can find all the services they need at the new Family Justice Center at CASA – where art by Zulu Painter welcomes domestic violence survivors and guides them on a path to healing. … Read More

Unexpected Visual Conversations

By Emily Lee Stehle. Thanks to the Art Bridges loan program, the MFA has paired old favorites from the permanent collection with a dozen major works from Joslyn Art Museum in Nebraska and St. Pete’s James Museum. I found the contrast of the MFA’s master artworks next to these modern, avant-garde pieces striking, unexpected, thought-provoking and delightful…. Read More

Family Visit to the Arts Annual

By Harriet Monzon-Aguirre. My husband and I were thinking of an activity to do with the kids on Sunday afternoon when we decided to combine art and nature by visiting the Arts Annual at The Gallery at Creative Pinellas and the Florida Botanical Gardens. There is something for everyone…. Read More

Hanna Eriksson Patry

Hanna Eriksson Patry is a local artist from Stockholm, Sweden. Now based at Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. Her paintings are a mix of realistic and abstract with focus on interesting… Read More

Lost Trees

By Tony Wong Palms. in an installation titled Lost Trees by Babs Reingold, the artist expresses her concerns about how humans are impacting our natural environment – and the quality of our own existence in survival or extinction…. Read More

Sharing the Art of Nature

By Luci Westphal. The visual, biophilic, and social art project “St. Pete Moving Still” brings nature indoors – especially to those who cannot easily visit the great outdoors. I initiated this project to improve the emotional, mental and physical well-being of the residents of Westminster Suncoast Senior Living Center, connecting them to nature while stuck indoors… Read More

Gender Exploration Through Photography

By Robin O’Dell. Mariette Pathy Allen started photographing cross dressers and transgender people in the day when most of the people she photographed were forced to exist underground. She has now been exploring this topic with dignity and empathy for over 40 years…. Read More

Honoring the Leepa-Rattner’s 20th Anniversary

By Lynn Whitelaw. The 20-year evolution of Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art and its collection has advanced the importance of this museum as a significant “cultural gem” on the West Coast of Florida. The current exhibitions celebrate and contemplate the arts which root us to our humanity…. Read More

Elizabeth Barenis in Sarasota

By Harriet Monzon-Aguirre. I admire visual artist Elizabeth Barenis for several reasons. The first is her ability to elevate a common subject matter for Florida, the palm tree. Now everytime I look at the light hitting a palm frond a certain way, Elizabeth comes to mind. She’s developed a style she calls “Abstract Precisionism.”… Read More

Marie Cummings

Marie Cummings was born in Detroit, Michigan. There she studied psychology and business at Wayne State University. She moved to Clearwater, Florida with her three daughters, where she embarked on… Read More

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