The Mysteries of Dalí’s Jewels

By Margo Hammond. I can never resist a whodunnit — especially one set in a museum. I was also interested in The Dalí Museum’s exhibit of Dalí’s jewelry, a rare chance to see pieces usually tucked away in the vaults…. Read More

Interwoven Legacies

By Emily Lee Stehle. Interwoven Legacies is a testament of a woman’s passion for color, creativity and teaching and how that can enrich a community…. Read More

Women Shine in Two Pinellas Galleries

By Rebecca Skelton. There are a number of organizations throughout Florida that feature women’s art, and we are pleased to announce two exhibits in Pinellas County this summer…. Read More

Support Local Artists

By Julie Haura. For working artists to continue thriving in our community, admiration isn’t enough. Artists need tangible support to keep creating, and that support comes in the form of sales…. Read More

Always Creating

By Tony Wong Palms. Of the many happenings in Ybor City’s Kress Contemporary – the galleries, the Fringe Theatre, the microcinema, the artist studios – two recent exhibitions were gems…. Read More

Try Something New

By Libby Lewis. For anyone struggling to find inspiration or improve as an artist, just try something new. You never know where it will lead you…. Read More

Words – Songs of Comfort

By Emily Lee Stehle Originally published February 2021 . . . Words have always been important to me. I went into journalism because I realized that my mom, born in… Read More

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