afroQuantum Experiences Celebrates Creative Women

By Jake-ann Jones. The final episode of “afroQuantum Experiences: ArtMaker Talks” streams live on March 21 to discuss making art and culture in today’s economy. “These women have all made a profound impact on the arts and entertainment environment in a very challenging economic and cultural landscape for Black and Brown communities.”… Read More

“I Dream a World Where Young Voices Aren’t So Small”

By Sara Ries Dziekonski. These elementary-age scholars are discovering the safe space and possibility of the blank page and the power of the pen as they build something beautiful and important out of words. They show up week after week to tackle big emotions and take risks, and to nudge us to laugh a little more… Read More

Migrations & Other Exiles

By Letisia Cruz. Many of the poems in “Migrations & Other Exiles” began as a way of revisiting and acknowledging the violence of my youth without fear or judgment. They explore minority women’s issues, immigration and exile, my father’s murder, my mother’s experience with domestic violence, and the relationships of my youth…. Read More

ReadOUT 2023

The LGBTQ Resource Center of the Gulfport Library welcomes readers to its 6th annual ReadOut Literary Festival this weekend, a free event at the Gulfport Public Library and livestreamed on Zoom. More than 80 authors and a worldwide audience will celebrate the rich diversity of LGBTQ literature. … Read More

Push a Button – Get a Story

By Jennifer Ring. What do Harvard Medical School and the Palm Harbor Library have in common? A short story dispenser made in France. You push the button and a story comes out of the machine like a grocery store receipt coming out of a cash register…. Read More

Adventures at the Library

By Harriet Monzon-Aguirre. The Palm Harbor library is more than just a library, it’s an art-centric center, actively promoting and supporting visual and performing arts and giving people of all ages the opportunity to embrace and be involved in the arts…. Read More

Times Festival of Reading 2022

By Margo Hammond. Turning 30, the Times Festival of Reading slimmed down this year. There were fewer authors. The venue was smaller. And it was no longer free. But two essential ingredients stayed the same – inspiring authors and enthusiastic readers…. Read More

A Lit Fest for Kids Makes its Debut

By Margo Hammond. The first annual St. Pete Reads! Lit Fest — a celebration of all things literacy — was hosted by Cultured Books Literacy Foundation in partnership with the Barbershop Book Club and St. Petersburg College. Aimed at kids and their parents, it was the brainchild of Lorielle Hollaway, dedicated to promoting books and literacy in the South St. Pete community…. Read More

Helping Your Kids Learn to Love Reading

By Margo Hammond. Here are discussions from the St Pete Reads! Lit Fest – with creative tips from parents on how to help kids learn to love reading – a crucial skill that will help them choose their own path… Read More

Troy Bernardo

Troy loves spending time reading, writing, camping, and drinking local craft beer. He is an English Department Head at an alternative online school, and lives with his wife Laura, his… Read More

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