Community Healing Through Poetry

By Bernice Willis. Let’s talk, not text, your voice is what I want to hear
It closes in the distance, as if you-are-near.
Call Me
Your voice is pleasing, gives me the same joy as to when
I heard it the first time. A text can’t recapture that moment, now or then…. Read More

Poetry by Troy Legette

By Troy Legette. Proud of you; Yes! Proud of you; I am
For you come from a culture so rich
Proud of you; Yes! Proud of you; I am
For your powers are phenomenal
Every poem that I write has a purpose. I think my very first poem evolved after reading a newspaper while enduring tough times and came across a poetry contest. I entered it…. Read More

Step into My Black Shoes

By Gary L. Lemons. As we continue this month’s focus on Arts and Healing, our guest editor Gary Lemons shares two poems he wrote, and several visual artworks. “Hopefully they will provide a clear context for the thematic connection for all our stories of art as a critical source for healing in this time of trauma, especially related to mass shootings in the US.”
Read More

Kerry Kriseman Shares Memoir Writing Tips

By Carlene Cobb. Everybody has a story to tell and perhaps a memoir to write. To help authors better understand how to write, publish, and market their memoirs with greater confidence and success, Kerry Kriseman, St. Petersburg author of Accidental First Lady: on the Front Lines (and Behind the Scenes) of Local Politics approached Maureen McDole, poet and Keep St. Pete Lit founder and executive director to discuss a memoir writing, publishing and marketing workshop…. Read More

Art as a Bridge

By Scott Neumeister. Being a lifelong resident of Hillsborough and Pasco counties, most of my trips to Pinellas have been made possible by bridges. My favorite, aesthetically, is the Courtney Campbell Causeway, but the Gandy and Howard Frankland also hold visual appeal. Yet even beyond their appearance and function, the depth and meaning of what bridges do — empowering connection between two separated things — speaks directly to a way to approach a piece of art… Read More

This Month’s Focus – Arts and Healing

By Gary L. Lemons. Thematically, the stories in the Arts Coast magazine in June 2022 will center on bringing artists together across differences of creative expression to demonstrate the life-saving power of what I have conceptualized as “community healing through artistic transformation — CHAT.” Considering this focus, the artists’ works included illustrate ways creative practices can act to promote human healing and well-being in mind, body and soul…. Read More

Creating ‘Rise’

Last year, master sculptor Mark Aeling and St. Petersburg Poet Laureate Helen Pruitt Wallace collaborated on a powerful project in the Warehouse Arts District that remembers 9/11, and how to begin again. On this Memorial Day weekend, Mark and Helen share their thoughts, and all the work behind Rise…. Read More

Nature Journaling Event

By Carlene Cobb. One of 11 events offered by the 6th Annual SunLit Literary Festival held April 1–3 and produced by Keep St. Pete Lit was Nature Journaling at Sawgrass Lake Park. The activity was co-hosted by the St. Petersburg Audubon Society and led by Nature Writer Anda Peterson. Peterson’s 18 years’ experience as a writing instructor seemed to imbue her with a magic formula to successfully motivate students to try something new — walking in the woods, then writing, and then sharing their words…. Read More

Postcards Inspired by Picasso

By Margo Hammond. Have you ever written yourself a postcard? I did — at a workshop last month at the Dalí Museum offered by The Paper Seahorse. You can, too. Just join the second Art of the Postcard – Picasso Style workshop at the museum on May 10 from 6-8 pm. The Paper Seahorse is a stationery store that addresses what its founder, Tona Bell, calls “the digital dilemma” – the fact that these days so many of us are constantly in front of our computers…. Read More

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