Margherita Tibaldo

2022 Emerging Artist Margherita Tibaldo is an Italian Fine Artist based in Dunedin, FL. At the young age of 19, Margherita and her family moved to Florida, all the way… Read More

Dorian Angello

dorian angello, profile pic

2022 Emerging Artist Growing up in Florida before a widespread understanding of neurodiversity, Dorian found in the arts a refuge from traditional schooling, a lens through which to understand the… Read More

Alex Kaufman

2022 Emerging Artist Alex Kaufman is an artist and designer based out of St. Petersburg, Florida. Kaufman has been the lead designer at MGA Sculpture Studio since 2016, working  on … Read More

Heather Rippert

2022 Emerging Artist Heather Rippert, fine artist, living in Clearwater, Florida, has been painting and drawing from the time she could hold a pencil. Growing up an only child, she… Read More

Jon Ditty

2022 Emerging Artist Jon Didier, better known by his stage name, Jon Ditty, is a Rapper, Songwriter, and Artist based in Dunedin, FL. He is a graduate of the University… Read More

Adam and Kayte Bush

Adam and Kayte are a husband-and-wife team, dedicated to making an impact, not only in the artistic world but striving to bring today’s important issues to the next generation; those… Read More

Ashley Rivers

Ashley Rivers is a Contemporary Multidisciplinary Artist living in Gulfport, Florida. She is primarily focused on creating unique works of art through inspiration from the earth, nature, our identities, and… Read More

Reid Jenkins

Reid Jenkins’ current work focuses on the display of the range of human emotion and experience. His art is a reflection of a person or people’s status, stature, and relationship… Read More

Kevin Grass

Kevin Grass grew up in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, a small river town about an hour southeast of St. Louis. Since there were no art supply stores nearby, Grass’s father, who… Read More

Jonathan Talit

I am interested in the flesh as a membrane, the site of negotiation between our inner and external worlds. Through exercise, diet, sexual activity, and clothing, we are constantly brokering… Read More

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