Edgar Sanchez Cumbas

Edgar Sanchez Cumbas (b. 1971 Santurce, Puerto Rico) uses the language of contemporary abstraction to explore concepts of identity, multiculturalism, color, and social political issues in his paintings. Cumbas received… Read More

Kathleen & David Bly

Jib is an art and design collective co-founded in 2022 by Kathleen and David Bly. The couple met as undergraduates, and often collaborated while pursuing BFA degrees. David went on… Read More

Kendra Frorup

“Collecting is part of the making,” states sculptor Kendra Frorup about her Work. Frorup was born and brought up in Nassau, Bahamas and uses her memories of this time in… Read More

Jeremiah Woody (Jema)

Meet Jema, the compelling hip-hop artist skillfully intertwining old school essence with the beats of the new school. He fearlessly explores life’s concealed chapters and echoes resilience born from adversity…. Read More

Laurie Elmer

Laurie Elmer, a proud St. Petersburg, FL native, is an accomplished artist with a BA in art from Guilford College, Greensboro, NC. Co-owner of Urban Dog Studio, she excels in… Read More

Edel Alvarez Galban (AGalban)

Born in Havana, Cuba in 1967, Edel Alvarez Galban has always had a fascination with everything artistic. From his infancy, he painted everything around him, becoming a threat to all… Read More

Dakota Parkinson

Dakota Parkinson is a resident artist at the Morean Center for Clay and a technician at the Hive St. Pete. She grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and graduated from… Read More

Polita Glynn

Polita Glynn is a writer and filmmaker. She is currently working on Underground History, a documentary which explores stories of erased communities in St. Petersburg. From 2005 – 2022, she… Read More

Tiffany Elliot

Tiffany Elliott, GIA Diamonds Graduate and jeweler for TeeSankey Designs, is best known for incorporating baroque minimalism into her limited edition and one-of-a-kind collections. Her designs, inspired by history and… Read More

Dallas Jackson

Dr. Dallas Jackson (born 1968) is a native of St. Petersburg, Florida. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Southern University. He earned three educational degrees He earned his… Read More

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