Professional Artist Grant 23

Congratulations to our 2023 Professional Artist Grantees !

Elizabeth Barenis, Christina Bertsos, Courtney Clute, Mark Feinman, Shawn Dell Joyce, Anna Kate Mackle, Eric MacNeill, Jabari Reed-Diop, Andee Scott, and Artist Laureate Mikhail Mansion.

These artists were selected by an esteemed panel based on their high degree of talent in their chosen area of art, and a history of increasingly successful work on the local, national, or international stage. We look forward to being inspired by their work, collaborating and conversing with them throughout the grant period. These are artists that will bring recognition, awareness and interest to our community, and inspire other artists and art lovers.

Each year, Creative Pinellas recognizes up to 10 Pinellas County artists who have excelled in their artistic practice through our professional artist grant program. Each selected artist receives a $5,000 grant and they’re encouraged to decide how to best use this award for their benefit and growth as an artist.

Additionally, we select an Artist Laureate from this group of grantees who Creative Pinellas recognize as being a model partner and collaborator, sharing their skills and expertise and supporting the organization’s mission over the course of the grant period. An additional $5,000 Artist Laureate grant will be presented to one of the grantees.

Through this grant program, we want to support and build meaningful relationships among outstanding creative artists in the county. It’s our hope, too, that this grant funding provides a strong foundation for nurturing the creative community and elevating Pinellas County as an arts and cultural destination.

Recipients have been selected for this grant. Congratulations!

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