Why Do We Make Art?

This writing selection was part of my graduate Arts in Medicine program at the University of Florida. Humans make art because after our necessities are met, there is a need… Read More

Making Art from Anger

  I once attended a peace summit in Newark, New Jersey, in which Jody Williams, who won a Nobel Peace Prize for her campaign against land mines, shared a stage… Read More

A Piece of Advice

Many artists wish to venture into the realm of public art and it is a challenging yet noble profession. The best way to begin is to alert the public art… Read More

BEACON Goes Virtual!

When I moved back to St. Petersburg in 2014 I was inspired and excited by the growing arts and culture scene.  The visual arts scene was exploding and the performing… Read More

Seeking Stillness

This past weekend I went out for a walk with my four-year-old son, Isaac and our 5-month-old puppy, Hans. My intent was to get some energy out of the puppy… Read More

David Manson

It’s an honor being selected by Creative Pinellas for the 2021 Professional Artist Grant in music composition. That support will assist me in several recording projects with other area musicians,… Read More


DREAMING IS FREE or Monster Mash A Meandering Blog Post You could live your entire life in song. Like in La La Land. All day long, snippets of lyrics and… Read More

Set Sketching in Digital Format

Set Sketching in Digital Format by Lea Umberger In the Tools of the Trade post, I talked about creating costume designs with pencils, watercolors, markers, etc and mentioned investing in… Read More

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