Becoming A Rapper (Pt.3)

Where DID we leave off? Ah, yes… when I formally decided I was going to start a rap project. “project: SAVE c.a. hircus” was a really obscure referral back to… Read More

Creating Amidst Controversy

By Kayte and Adam Bush Creating Amidst Controversy . . . For ages, artists from Manet to Warhol have been creating works of art that were considered controversial – during… Read More

Yesterday Meets Today

Yesterday meets today

The last day of 2021, gives pause for reflection as well as looking forward. I ordered six 30 x 40 canvases for the new work I am ready to create…. Read More

Nature is a Phoenix and so am I

Phoenixes are usually depicted being reborn from flame. I have always identified with this for a few reasons. Born in November, my zodiac sign is the Scorpion. The ascendant of… Read More

Dancing About Painting

As a designer, when I approach a canvas or any project, I begin with one of the great axioms of design, “the solution is in the problem; if you can’t… Read More

How My Work Evolved With Me (pt. 2)

I started my real art education at St. Petersburg College, where I had amazing professors that taught me a strong foundation. My first classes had a very traditional and classical… Read More

How My Work Evolved With Me

Margherita Tibaldo

“When did you start painting?” is probably the most asked question I get when showing my artworks to people. I honestly do not even remember. Thankfully, my grandmother was the… Read More

A Little Musical Inspiration

By Ketsy Ruiz A Little Musical Inspiration . . . Listening to music while I paint – even while I brainstorm about painting – is the only way I function…. Read More

Ugly Little Purple and Pink Mug

I believe I’ve always been an artist! I’ve always loved working with my hands, getting messy, and creating in some way or another. My mother still has some of the… Read More

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