2021 Has Been Good To Me!

⭐ GOODBYE 2021⭐
This year has actually been great for me when I stop to look back at it all!

I may have ended this year in quite an odd predicament, needing to heal both physically and mentally, but here’s what 2021 has done for Me and my Art:

At the beginning of the year, I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from The University of South Florida, with a concentration in Sculpture and Ceramics!

While still in school, I received the KML Art Scholarship, and was accepted in The University of South Florida’s Juried Exhibition and won the Mike Puckett Memorial Scholarship.

I was one of 10 individuals to have been selected for the St Petersburg Arts Alliance’s Individual Artist Grant!

I started RIVRE Gallerie, an artist collective and online gallery, where I was able to curate five different exhibitions, 4 in-person and 1 online.

My art was accepted into a few different exhibitions at galleries including the Studio @620, Coastal Creative, Carolyn M Wilson Gallery, Niche Collective, Venus Gallery, the Dunedin Fine Art Center, and so many more.

I worked as not only a Curator, but also an Artist and Teacher!

I took part in Localtopia, Second Saturday ArtWalks, Juneteenth, Pride, and Winter Markets!

And most recently, I even became one of Creative Pinellas’ Emerging Artists of 2021/2022, being selected to take part in their Emerging Artist Exhibition, Panels, and getting a Mentor and personal blog on their website!

The Change

My art has changed so dramatically in one year! I feel as though I’m finally listening to my heart and creating work that I am proud of and can see in the world. My work has become personal, political, and emotional in many ways!

I know I am probably forgetting so many other opportunities that I have had this year, but I am excited for the next year to begin.

My resolutions include:

1. Create consistency within my art
2. Apply to at least one show/exhibition a month, whether online or in person
3. Have a Solo Exhibition and create a strong body of work
4. Take a trip
5. Get back into either: climbing, biking, yoga, or intensity stretching
6. Keep a happy and healthy mental space

Goodbye 2021!

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