Gabriella Krousaniotakis

My name is Gabriella Krousaniotakis, I am a freelance videographer, video editor, motion graphics designer and content creator. Alas a filmmaker!

Masterful digital film production and editing is my raison d’être. At 13 years old, my dream was to create films. My journey began when I read “The Screenplay Workbook” by Syd Field, which inspired me to write my first script. I have become an insatiable reader of anything related to my craft. My first milestone was the purchase of my Canon T21 camera. I dedicate time in studying everything associated with camera techniques. Investing 4 years in learning video production, 3D animations, promo videos, visual effects to CGI and currently attempting to master Virtual Film Production (VFP) where digital and the real world emerge.

My Creative Pinellas Blog will be centered around motion capture techniques, 3D character animation, rigging, set building, recording, capturing sequences, using green screen set up to record live sequences “inside” the sets I create in real time. Pretty exciting!

Today I am pursuing my dream. My humble advice is to never stop working towards your team. Creative Pinellas is an enormous boost to my dream adventure and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.

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