All In Engine Virtual Production Motion Capture Storytelling

Unreal Engine & Motion Capture

I had a lot of fun creating this video entirely in Unreal Engine using mocap data from the Xsens Link suit for the body, and the Manus PrimeII gloves for the hand data.

Assets I Used

The map was created by Unreal_Environments, and I found it thanks to a tutorial by Bernhard Reider a.k.a. the Fatty Bull.

I used assets from Leartes Studios and Art_Equilibrium.

The Infiltrator character came from the Sequencer project on Unreal Learning page and I discovered it thanks to the Winbush Unreal Engine course. I applied all the skills I learned from that course when working on this project!

The Robot A.C.S.U. “Bulwark” character was created by D’lakrua. Thank you, Konstantin!

Music provided by Multiverse Sounds – Guy Penso & Tomer Moshe. Thank you!!!! It was so much fun collaborating with you for the first time on this.

Special thanks to Aiden Wilson and Williamfaucher.vfx for the movie render export settings;)

The car models I used came from Sketchfab.

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