Blog #5 I made a big decision recently. I decided to publish as Sara Ries Dziekonski even though for over a decade I have published as Sara Ries, my birth… Read More


Blog 5   It’s always interesting to find out what we’re carrying with us from our parents and grandparents. I’ve never been big on genealogy, but I do have an… Read More


Growing up, it didn’t occur to me that I could become a writer. Like many other kids, I was an avid reader, and I wrote little fantastical stories where I… Read More

Cold Weather Writer

Blog 4   I’m a cold weather writer. I write better when it’s cold out. It’s counterintuitive, I know, for me to live in Florida, but there is also something… Read More

Florida Writer

Recently, the University of Tampa’s Macdonald-Kelce library invited me to read my story “Pablo Escobar” for its UTWrites series. The story is part of the Tampa Bay Noir anthology, which… Read More

3: Landscapes and Desolation

Blog 3 The word that’s been bouncing around in my head so much these days is “desolation.” Usually, when I use that word in fiction, I’m referring to a place…. Read More

Poetry Curated by Maureen McDole

The Bus His eyes open again, as they have with every imperfection of the road, over and  over, while the bus engine drones in falling piano chords. Across the aisle,… Read More

Cindy Stovall, Arts Ambassador

I am a career nurse, manager and corporate educator turned journalist. In nursing, my particular expertise was in the areas of critical care, pediatrics and post anesthesia care. I have… Read More

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