eMotions of Water

Why do we as a species have this innate drive to flock to bodies of water? 

Oceans, lakes, waterfalls, even raindrops draw us to their surfaces.


There’s the obvious, we need water to survive, but it seems to be much more than that. It’s as if we all have this intense need just to be near the water. From a surfer braving rough weather, battling the ocean for the exhilaration of the perfect wave, to a toddler’s innate desire to hop in every puddle they see. 


I enjoy capturing the very different moods and facets of water. At times, it can be so quiet and calming, at other times, water can turn into a roaring monster easily capable of whisking away your life. The ocean, a river, a rainstorm, each can evoke a vast array of emotions. Water can be calming- tranquil, playful joy, intensity and fear.



My goal with my water series is to create pieces that evoke the emotions of water. I want the viewer to feel the pull of the ocean, the peace of a quiet sunrise, the wildness of a storm, the joy of watching the waves as the sunlight filters through. 


Maybe, being made up of so much water ourselves, we long for connection to something bigger than us. Maybe we stare at the surface hoping to catch a reflection of our own likeness and in that find our place in the vastness of the world. Maybe we seek out water because we hope to not be alone.



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