It fascinates me how so many of our creation myths, passed down from generation to generation in all corners of the world, resemble each other in so many ways. What did the early people know that we’ve long since forgotten? 


One of those myths I was particularly inspired by was the story of the world being carried on the back of a giant turtle. Over and over again you see this concept crop up in ancient mythology. The Native Americans, the Hindu, the Chinese, and so many more tell the story of the world being supported by the turtle in one way or another. Why? Why the turtle? What does the turtle have to offer us? What lessons can we learn? 


All these questions spinning in my mind I set brush to canvas and the painting emerged. I didn’t really follow any specific mythology in this particular painting but rather my own impressions of the combined idea of the myths. Adding my own style of colors and techniques to the mythos passed down makes me feel connected to the story in my own way. I’m a part of a long continuous conversation about the nature of the turtle and how it’s the important underlying theme that keeps the world up and moving. I like the sense of connection to the earth and my ancestors and I hope that in some small way it can bring that sense of connection to others who chose to hang it in their own homes.

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