Pinellas Trail ArtWorks

We are thrilled about our mural project on the Pinellas Trail!

Four artists, Yhali Ilan, Daniel Barojas, Taylor Smith and Ricardo Delgado will be painting the entrances and exists of two tunnels.  One in Palm Harbor and one in Tarpon Springs.

Their designs are currently going through the formal County review process and will be posted as soon as they are approved.  In the meantime, here are photos and maps to the tunnels.  As you will see, they are very covered graffiti.  Murals are proven to reduce graffiti, saving time and money and also ensuring, in this case, that people who use the trail will have the best possible experience.

Painting is expected to start in early to Mid-fall.

Community survey results to gather interest and insight about murals on the trail can be viewed here: Pinellas Trail Tunnel Community Suvey


Images of Pinellas Trail Tunnels and Maps

Palm Harbor Pinellas Trail Southbound
Palm Harbor Pinellas Trail Northbound

Tarpon Springs Pinellas Trail Westbound
Tarpon Springs Pinellas Trail Eastbound

Pinellas Trail ArtWorks

Pinellas Trail ArtWorks is a partnership between Creative Pinellas and Pinellas County Public Works, with a goal to defeat graffiti and to foster community beautification projects along the Pinellas Trail. The goal is to create appealing spaces, build excitement and interest in the trail and recognize the pride residents have in their community while discouraging the types of graffiti that can detract from the enjoyment of the space.

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