Lealman Mural Project at Lealman Innovation Academy

CALL TO ARTIST for Lealman Mural Project at Lealman Innovation Academy

We are looking for artists interested in a collaboration with middle/high school age students and their art teachers in creating a new mural!

Lealman Innovation Academy Mural Project Awarded Artist:

Click photo to learn more about Daniel “R5” Barojas

The Lealman Innovation Academy Mural Project is a partnership between Creative Pinellas and the Lealman CRA, with a goal to foster community beautification projects that engage the community and represent the rich culture and environment of this developing area.  This project will include a grant for a single artist.

Lealman Innovation Academy is located at: 4900 28th Street N.  St. Petersburg, FL. 33714

  • The artist fee will be $ 8,500.00 plus up to $2,000.00 for materials and supplies.

The artist should be a Pinellas County based artist. We ask that artists who have created a mural for Creative Pinellas in the last 12 months (September 2021- September 2022) not apply, as we would like to create as many opportunities for as many artists as possible.

Additionally, there is a strong interest in an artist who has worked with middle school or high school age students, or on community-created projects in the past.

Art Goals:
This is a project created with the idea to bring color, vibrancy and celebrate the diversity and strength of the school and the community. By bringing in an experienced mural artist with a strong point of view and the ability to create complex, engaging work of art.

Lealman Innovation Academy provides a highly personalized educational environment for student scholars in grades 5-12. The school focuses on project-and problem-based learning and promotes a culture of trust, respect and responsibility.

Lealman Innovation Academy tailors what, when, where and how scholars learn to their individual needs, skills and interests. The school enables scholars to take ownership of their learning and helps them develop deep connections with each other, their teachers and other adults.

School leaders are looking for an artist who can really listen to the scholars, understand who they are, and create a mural project that reflects that understanding and speaks to and uplifts them.

Community Information Meeting:

This meeting is created for the community to learn about the project, ask questions they may have and share any thoughts they have about the Lealman Mural Project at Lealman Innovation Academy.

October 19 from 6pm – 7pm

Register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_hHN4UktZRYCpO3ordymtfg


Artist Information Session:
Artists will have an opportunity to meet with Creative Pinellas and participating teachers and scholars at Lealman Innovation Academy to learn about the project and the school. This is an opportunity to ask questions they may have during the application period via an online meeting platform.

Artist Info Session is planned for the following day:

October 4th from 6pm – 7 pm
Register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_2yDe6h1lSW6p5HwEqXCdSw

Video from the Artist Information Session:

Downloadable PDF of the presentation: LIA Artist Sessions.pptx (1)

Locations Information: 
Lealman Innovation Academy 

4900 28th Street N.   St. Petersburg, FL.    33714
Estimated square footage is: 1140

The Lealman Innovation Academy mural project will included three ( 3 ) walls.

This is the front of the building. The 4 windows are not to be altered in anyway. The bricks under the windows need to stay as is and should be covered. The equipment on the front of the building will need to stay and cannot be removed during the painting process.

The height from above the bricks to the highest point is 36’.5”  A lift will be provided.

This wall is to be incorporated into the mural design. The wall faces south and is 36’5” at peak. A lift will be provided.

The yellow line on the left is where a seam in the building is. You will be painting starting from that seam wrapping around to the front of the building

This wall is facing north.  The windows are not to be altered in anyway. The bricks towards the bottom are to be covered so no paint gets on them. The bricks are not to be included in the painting process.

There is a small part of wall from the windows to the corner of the building that should be included in the design. It is a total of 16inches.

The total height ( including windows ) from the sill above the bricks to the top of building is 36’5”. A lift will be provided


Application Information:

Each application submitted between September 15th – October 21st  at 11:59 pm will be reviewed by a panel to include a Creative Pinellas Representative, representatives from the Lealman area and, Lealman Innovation Academy (LAI), a Pinellas County based Mural Artist, and an Art Curator. Artists will be notified no later than  October 27th If you are not selected, you will also be notified at that time.

Upon notification, the artist will receive detailed measurements and photos of your specific location and will have the opportunity to meet with the Creative Pinellas, Lealman CRA Member and teachers at Lealman Innovation Academy (LIA) between October 31- November 4, 2022 to discuss project.

The winning artist will meet with interested students at Lealman Innovation Academy twice (2).

Dates will be coordinated between the artist and LIA administration. Two school days between November 2nd – 11th, 2022.

Artist will also have 1 – 3 painting days, where students from the school may participate in the painting process.

After site review and meeting, the artist will complete three (3) Mural Design Mock Up proposals for approval from Creative Pinellas, Lealman CRA and LIA. The three (3) Mural Design Mock Up proposals should be submitted no later than Monday, November 28, 2022. Creative Pinellas, Lealman CRA and LIA will have up to 14 days for approval.

* All dates are tentative and subject to change*

 Call To Artists Important Dates:    

  • Call for Entries Open:   September 15th , 2022
  • Artist Info Session:    October 4th, 2022
  • Call for Entries Close:  October 21, 2022 at 11:59 PM
  • Community Meeting: October 19, 2022 at 6pm
  • Panel to review Applications :  October 21th – October 27th, 2022
  • Artists finalists will be notified on : October 27th, 2022
  • Three Mural Design Mock Up plans must be submitted by: November 28th, 2022
  • Approved no later than: December 12th , 2022
  • Earliest Possible start date: Mid-January 2023
  • Final walk through:  Late March – Early April 2023 * may extend pending weather conditions
  • Final Touch Ups (if needed):  Completed no later than Early April 2023 * may extend pending weather conditions
  • Final Payment for Grant: within 30 days for delivery of final receipts from Artist.


The artist stipend for the mural project will be: $8,500.00 Materials budget provided up to $2,000.00

  • First Payment of $250: at the sign of contract
  • Second Payment of $750: upon the approval of a final design
  • Materials Budget Supplied: upon submission of estimate of materials
  • Third Payment of $1000: upon layout complete on walls
  • Fourth Payment of $1000: 4 weeks after first paint applied on walls
  • Final Payment: upon completion and submission of all receipts for materials budget

Materials and Equipment Notes:

  • Surfaces will be pressure washed and primed before the artist starts work.
  • A storage pod 8’ x 8’ x 8’ will be provided by Creative Pinellas and will not be subtracted from Artist Fee or materials budget.
  • A generator and paint sprayer can be supplied for the project from Creative Pinellas at no charge to artist.
  • A lift will be supplied for the project.


Interested artists will need to submit:

  • Artists must be a Pinellas County Resident and if selected to do the project will be asked to complete a W9 and will need to provide proof of insurance during the on site painting dates of the project.
  • A short biography or resume. 4-6 photographs or links to photographs of four or more works, including at least one mural of your design or have been lead on the painting team.
  • A brief written summary or description of your idea of approaching the project to meet Lealman Community engagement goals of transforming the environment, creating appealing spaces, and reflect the art goals of Lealman Innovation Academy.
  • Proof of application or completion/passing of a Level 2 Background Check (Please note: it  is important to apply for your Level 2 Background check at the same time you submit  your  application for this project. You can apply on line (www.pcsb.org/volunteerregistration) or go to  (301 4th St. SW. Largo, FL  33770 ) in person.
  • Please do not apply if you have completed a mural for Creative Pinellas in the last 12 months ( Sept 2021- Sept 2022) as we would like to create as many  opportunities for as many artists as possible.
  • Do not submit mockup designs for this project, it limits the process when evaluating you as an artist overall.
  • Contact information for 3 references from past mural work or art show curator
  • Link to website and social media sites

Applications are due by Friday, October 21 at 11:59 pm via online application at SM APPLY link.

Contact Carol Matlock, at carol.matlock@creativepinellas.org or (727) 639-8429
OR Lea Umberger, Arts Project Manager at Creative Pinellas-  muralarts@creativepinellas.org

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