Arts Coast Studios Arts Access Documentation Grant

About Arts Coast Studios 

Arts Coast Studios is an exciting new way to experience Pinellas County arts from home – and from anywhere in the world. 

Our mission is to create a curated experience that will bring new arts performances, arts-related programs, and films for residents of and visitors to Pinellas County. 

We aim to highlight amazing artists, artwork, and arts organizations, promote Pinellas County as an arts and cultural destination – and make the arts accessible to everyone.

Arts Coast Studios is looking for filmed performances, studio and gallery tours, video conversations and lectures, documentaries, short or feature length films and digital arts experiences. We’re open to a diverse array of music, dance, theatre, spoken word and poetry, fiction and nonfiction short or feature length films and multi-arts collaborations . . . videos of public art tours, documenting a work in progress or explaining a technique . . . arts and cultural history, arts education projects, bilingual works and community arts projects.

Arts Coast Studio would also like to support Pinellas County artists, through grant funding and connections with production partners, to help you document your work for archival purposes, future grant applications and even be eligible to submit to be part of Arts Coast Studios online platform.  This will be done through a program called Arts Access that is dedicated grant for documentation of artists, arts organizations, and their work.

What is an Arts Access grant?

This opportunity is for artists and arts organizations who have special work to document and need funding to film and/or introduction to filmmakers.

The grant is not for multi-camera shoots with multiple takes, but for assisting with the costs of capturing a live performance, community arts project, event or exhibition as it happens. Funds can also be used to hire an editor to work with footage that you shot yourself. 

This video will serve as a record of your artistic work that can be used for marketing and social media, grant applications, fundraising and opportunities for professional development. 

Documenting your work on video will let you share your arts experience with a larger audience than can attend in person – and it makes your art accessible to residents and visitors with mobility or transportation challenges, economic hardships, vision, or hearing impairments. 

If your project is selected, Creative Pinellas can assist in introducing you to local film makers that can work with you on basic filming and editing. All selected projects will be awarded funding for captions, as needed. Some projects may be awarded additional funding for a descriptive audio track, as needed. 

The film that results can be featured on the Creative Pinellas website and can be submitted to Arts Coast Studios Premiere, Distribution or Arts Organizations to be featured on that platform. The artist or arts organization will be responsible for submitting to the Arts Coast Premiere, Arts Coast Distribution, or Art Coast Studios Organizations and are eligible for payment through those programs. (Visit artscoaststudio general page )

Once project is complete, a final version will be supplied to Creative Pinellas and you can share the video on your own website or other streaming services, and the recording is yours for archival purposes (see Arts Coast Studio Premiere and Arts Coast Studios Distribution qualifications if you plan to submit for those platforms before you post your work).

Creative Pinellas will retain the ability to use the project as part of the Arts Annual event for one year from the date of completion or to promote the Arts Access program through socials or on the Creative Pinellas website.

What are we looking for? 

  • High-quality content that can be documented, such as a live performance, community arts project, event or exhibition
  • Work that would peak the interest of arts enthusiasts, the arts curious, artists and everyone in between. 
  • Applicants must be a Pinellas County resident, or the event is happening in Pinellas County 

Note to Artists

  • If you’re using copyrighted materials, all applicable copyrights must be owned by the person creating / submitting the content, or you’ve obtained and retained all necessary legal permissions to use copyrighted material.
  • No hate-speech, violent or graphic content, harmful or dangerous content.
  • All images of artwork and music used must be credited, including photographs and images of performances. If you’re interviewing an artist, it’s assumed that the images included are of that artist’s work – any other images, including murals, photographs, and public artwork, need visual or verbal artist credits.


Grants will range from $150-$500, based on your request and detail of what is needed for the project.  The funding is intended to help pay for the filming of the project, and not to be used to create a project to film. 


Each Application will be reviewed and scored based on the following: 

Originality up to 35 points 

  • Is this idea original for our area, beyond our area? 
  • Is the execution original? 
  • Is the subject matter fresh or innovative?

Content up to 35 points

  • Is the content appropriate to Creative Pinellas? 
  • Does the content serve the mission of Arts Coast Studios? 
  • Is it interesting? 
  • Does the piece require captions?
  • Does the piece require subtitles for English?
  • Does the piece require a descriptive audio track?

Productions Needs up to 30 points

  • Does previous work or work samples reflect a sense of quality in their production values?
  • Does previous work or work samples support the artist ability to bring the project to completion?
  • Does the artist present a clear and defined production timeline for the project?
  • Does the artist state they have all rights and clearance to present the material they would like to film for archival and streaming rights? 
  • What are the technical needs of the project to bring to completion?

Anticipated Length of finished piece – this will not count toward final score, but will help determine need for funding level requested

  • Up to 5 minutes 
  • 6 – 15   minutes      
  • 16-30   minutes       
  • 30+  minutes 

Panel scores will be averaged and the minimum Score to be considered for funding for must be a minimum of  76. 

Payment Categories

Artist will submit requested funding amount between $150-$500. The funding is intended to help pay for the filming of the project, and not to be used to create a project to film. 

Grant Proposals that are approved will be compensated according to the following schedule:

Payment Schedule:

  • 1/2 funding at time of award (for pre production costs)
  • 1/2 funding at time of completion ( for completion costs)


If you have any questions during this application process, please contact Arts Coast Studios at

The application period is now open.

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