Looking Back

  My one year anniversary of being seizure free is on Sunday. It’s also my one year anniversary of graduating from the University of Florida with my masters in Arts… Read More

Power of Encouragement

As I entered this week I found myself thinking about my community and the people I come across on a daily basis. Living in the same neighborhood I grew up… Read More

A Tribute to Black Mothers

Blog #5 With Mother’s Burden, painted in 2016 and inspired by the Mothers of the Movement (#blacklivesmatter) I wanted to create a piece that honored mothers of color (specifically Black mothers)… Read More


Eight. I had started eight of the 41 Covid Comfort Baskets for the proposed series last week. The idea seem worth pursuing, even though I wasn’t certain about the theme… Read More

Vision Of Change

My vision is to encourage and give hope to my community through expression of my art. I believe art is a great way to express emotions, ideas, and everyday life…. Read More

Feminine Energy and Religion

Blog #4 It’s no secret that I have issues aplenty with organized religions. In my opinion they seldom serve to empower and free the individual. Quite the opposite, actually. There… Read More

Release Me

  A big part of processing and understanding my new health related outlook on life is done by meditating, talking with my therapist, and of course painting. I meditate every… Read More

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