Arts Coast Studios Premiere 2022 Summer

What is an Arts Coast Studios Premiere?

Content that may have been presented at Film Festivals, digital film festivals or in person events, but has not been released via streaming services or video viewing website.

What you need to know about the Opportunity:

  • You retain all the rights to your work.
  • Video content will be presented exclusively, in full, on Arts Coast Studios for 4 weeks and remain on our site for at least 3 months.
  • After the 4 week premiere status is over, you are welcome to share your content on your site or any other sites or streaming services.

Scoring – Each Submitted Piece will be reviewed and scored based on the following:

    • Originality up to 35 points
      • Is this idea original for our area, beyond our area?
      • Is the execution original?
      • Is the subject matter fresh or innovative?
    • Content up to 35 points
      • Is the content appropriate to Creative Pinellas?
      • Does the content serve the mission of Arts Coast Studios?
      • Is it interesting?
    • Production up to 30 points
      • Does the work reflect a sense of quality in their production values?
      • Is the sound clear?
      • Does the filmmaker state they have all rights and clearance to present this film?
    • Length
      • Up to 5 minutes – 5 points
      • 6 – 15 minutes – 10 points
      • 16-30 minutes – 15 points
      • 30+ minutes – 20 points

Panel scores will be averaged and the minimum Score to be accepted for content must be 81.

Payment Categories – Submissions that are approved will be compensated according to the following schedule:

  • Scores between 81- 90 : $400
  • Scores between 91 – 100 : $550
  • Scores between 101-110: $750
  • Scores between 111 – 120 : $1000

About Arts Coast Studios

Arts Coast Studios is looking for filmed performances, studio and gallery tours, video conversations and lectures, documentaries, short or feature length films and digital arts experiences. We’re open to a diverse array of music, dance, theatre, spoken word and poetry, fiction and nonfiction short or feature length films and multi-arts collaborations . . . videos of public art tours, … Read More

If you have any questions during this application process, please contact Arts Coast Studios at

Note to Producers

  • If you’re using copyrighted materials, all applicable copyrights must be owned by the person submitting the content, or you’ve obtained and retained all necessary legal permissions to use copyrighted material
  • No hate-speech, violent or graphic content, harmful or dangerous content.
  • All images of artwork and music used must be credited, including photographs and images of performances
  • If you’re interviewing an artist, it’s assumed that the images included are of that artist’s work – any other images, including murals, photographs and public artwork, need visual or verbal artist credits

Recipients have been selected for this grant. Congratulations!

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