The Influence of Music In Art

In the past, I have often been asked how I begin my process or what my inspiration is. I have always had the same answer. I start with music. Listening to certain genres and allowing the music to flow has allowed me to really enjoy the creative process. While I listen to Jazz, Rap, and R&B from artist old and new. With each song I may think of a different color palette, texture or pattern. Many times I have started with one idea and my final result is completely different, simply because I changed the song I was listening too. Music is art and when you compound one with another there is an added level of inspiration and what you are creating tends to flourish.

The definition of music includes a portion stating  “expression of emotion”, and that is a great part of what I want to portray in my art. At times you will see a man crying or subtle expressions on the people I create. These expressions are reflections of feelings that are shown in all of us. In my art I attempt to show my true self while listening to people express themselves through different elements of music. Along side creating art, listening to art is just as important.

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