“Photograph” by Erol Oz Song Review

“Photograph” by Erol Oz

Reviewed by: Jon Wright at RadioAirplay.com

Overall Impression:

Erol Oz’s sound is at once delicate and devastating!  Blending expert acoustic picking with nostalgia-drenched overdriven electric work, Oz’s original song Photograph runs the full gamut from folky to fiery – granting his clarion vocals a firm harmonic and rhythmically tight foundation from which to launch.  Lyrically contemporary and tonally timeless, Photograph bears the unmistakeable sheen of artistic authenticity!

Strongest Point(s):

Photograph, in all seriousness, is nothing but strength.  From the song’s opening moments until the final, emphatic chord, Erol Oz weaves a sound that makes full use of its features and draws the listener in almost effortlessly.  The guitar and bass tones are sublime, achieving a classic feel in the harmonic context and lending Oz’s voice a certain undeniable magnetism – in turn bringing the lyrics to life in an interconnected display of satisfyingly cohesive musicality.  The bass guitar work throughout is fascinating without overstepping its role, and the electric and acoustic riffs that comprise the majority of the sound are deeply engaging.  Definite shoutout to the drummer for holding down the dynamic between the complex chorus groove and the Copeland-esque verses without dropping a beat!  Erol Oz’s voice is approachable and inviting, and delivers the lyrical content in a way that ensures the listener will receive it, very intimate and emotionally impactful. Full attention paid to dynamic contrast and a mix that allows it all to shine makes Photograph an incredibly memorable listening experience!

Target Audience Appeal:

Striking a skillful balance between the realms of Pop and Rock as well as Classic and Contemporary, Photograph is poised to appeal to a massive range of listening audiences!  With a sound that finds resonance alongside The Police, Foo Fighters, and Dallas Greene all at once, nearly anyone who listens in will find themselves swept away by Erol Oz’s masterfully crafted song – and the lyrical content and emotional heft of Photograph stand to resonate with all who remain unconvinced! – Jon W.

Artist target suggestions:

The Police, City and Colour, Bright Eyes, Death Cab for Cutie, Balance And Composure, Tigers Jaw, Foo Fighters, The Killers, Killswitch Engage, Ryan Adams, Covet, Gregory Alan Isakov

About the Reviewer:

Jon Wright is a trained multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and music educator with nearly twenty years of experience in the field. Working with musicians and their individual sounds is his passion and profession, and he strives to interact with and understand every aspect of the production process – from theory and songwriting to recording and mastering. He continues to teach students of all ages and is currently collaborating with artists in a wide variety of genres.

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